1/11/17 Day 2 of Weightloss Challenge

Well this morning, got up at 4am very exausted to call to reseve my spot in pedal fusion am and pm class.

I had thought about taking a boxing class with Wayne down in galloway.  Set alarm for 7 and well just really wasnt motivated to get up.  The class starts at 830 and said no im sleeping in before pedal fusion.

At 820 my phone goes off, it was a txt message from bet you cant guess from who, saying lets do our session at 9am instead.

I initially responded with”if i was dressed I would have” I then changed my mind and said ahh might be able to make it.

Got my butt outa bed, and got dressed and headed down.  Thinking in my head what have gotten myself into.  I used to complain when I took Lisa’s from manahawkin’s body blast  class at 6am and now here I am getting up at 4am so I can reserve a spot for classes.  What have they done to my head lol 😆

Had a semi ok lunch, garden salad, 2 cups of brocholi.  Everything looked amazing but the veg got killed. Unfortunately it got covered in butter 😕.  I had  a choice eat it or get rid of it, I made the right decision and didnt eat it.

Eating out and healthy choices

I have been watching what I am eating for last almost a year now.  One of the most frustrating things is everyone is encouraging healthy eating and life styles.  Well the food industry has decided we are going to aim to profit from it.  For example this am after my workout wet out for a healthy breakfast. Protein omlette was option egg whites, spinache, onion, brocholi.  Sounded perfectect but comes with home fries which kills the whole healthy point of the meal and if you want to substitute the unhealthy fried greasy home fries with few pieces of cur fruit/fruit cup they charge you an additional 3.00 to make healthy.  So if you want to eat healthy in most restaurants its going to cost arm and leg if they even allow the sub of items.

One place I typically go is understanding of healthy food conscious people and allows sub of items and will not put salt or butter most of them time. It does help that one of my trainers works there.

Its just very frustrating that you have to decide eat healthy and cost you financially  or eat cheap and crappy.  Either way in long run cheap food has it’s price between health and medical issues.

Its coming to a point where I will have to learn how to cook healthy meals and stop taking quick and easy way to eat meals.

Rest of day

For the reminder of the day have urban kick and pedal fusion with Ann.  Healthy dinner take care of some paperwor then off  to bed.  I have a long day tomorrow.  Have mashup with Ann, i get a semi small break because of behavior class, then our team meets for training with Ann for hour. Maybe have my dispatch students go in hour late so I can take Kathleen’s Urban Kick tomorrow night.



Well ordered great dinner but well strike 2 on kitchen staff again😢😭  my vegetables got covered in butter again 😭😢 guess im learning how to cook as of tonight. Well hate to admit when i’m wrong, but looks like Trainer Ann was right when she said that when you eat out they do put additives in there.  Growing pains and well time for more changes.