1/13/17 Day 4 of Weightloss Challenge

Have a lot on my mind this morning, good thing have multiple workouts lined up for today to clear my head.

Had a great workout with Ann in Fit Blast.  I love an intense workout. After i completed the workout did breakfast egg white omelette with grilled chicken, spinach and broccoli wheat toast with fresh fruit.

Did a great workout on reformer with Ann.  I have more movement in the hip before it clicks.  The clicking is from the tight hip flexor.  So it is improving just slowly.  After the training session with Ann it was lunch time.  Fresh garden salad with grilled chicken and shrimp.

Had Training appt. in manahawkin with Dana and Christine. Had great workouts up there with both of them.  They were checking in on me on how I was doing with the weightloss challenge told them was going pretty well.

I had some really great friends have a discussion with me on where I have come from and how much I achieved.  The one thing was pointed out since this weight loss challenge is all about body weight loss and not body fat  loss or muscle gained.  It was also pointed out  that I am going to digress as a result of this.  What is going through my mind is they are probably right.

I took a look at my scale numbers which also does body fat and bone mass.  From the time this competition has started since the begining of the week I have lost 1/2 lbs of bone mass every day (for those that aren’t familar that is muscle.)  That kinda hit me in the head do I really want to loose everything I have worked so hard for.


One thing that has been hard for me to get into my head is that the scale and numbers dont mean everything.  I am going to quote one of my friends “we dont walk around with scales on top of our heads.”  Weight is not everything I have come from a waist size of 48 down to a 36.  One of the things that I wish this challenge was not solely weight based, but on total self improvement after all the ultimate goal shouldn’t be prizes but should be being able to maintain a healthy body.  If we just do a quick lets cut the numbers where is everyone 6months or a year down the road? Is it maintainable?   After all in my book everyone is a winner because everyone is taking an initiave to make positive changes. As I said before rome wasnt built in a day once the weight drops do I really want to have to rebuild everything all over again?

Just to be clear i’m not saying that I wont be trying my hardest because when I commit to something I give it my all.  But I will also make sure that I wont be loosing anything either. Everything has to be long term gains after all as I have stated in other posts  there is no “magic pills or quick easy weightloss” everything has it’s price, and I dont want to start over.

I really do feel special to have such wonderful friends in my life that go above and beyond. 😆