1/14/17 Day 5 of Weight Challenge

Had a rough morning getting started was little tired even though got 7 hours of sleep last night.

Woke up to alarm at 4am but never made the phone call for spin class. I fell back asleep, woke back up at 630 and called to make reservation. I decided one class was enough and opted not to take the new body pump 100 release. I really wanted to take the body pump but, but body said no.

Stepped on scale and it went up slightly but according to the scale which measures body fat, skeletal muscle mass and bone mass as well as actual weight, my bone mass and skeletal muscle went up.

The spin class was great it wasnt my best class not because of instructor but I was just tired long week.  Tomorrow is a 100 percent rest day.


I want to talk about something very important which is overtraining.

The dictionary states, “Overtraining is a common problem in weight training, but it can also be experienced by runners and other athletes. It occurs when the volume and intensity of the exercise exceeds an individual’s recovery capacity. They cease making progress, and can even begin to lose strength and fitness.

For the record you dont have to be an athlete for this to occur.

I had a recent conversation during one of my visits with Dr. J. who is my chiropractor and also has a holistic approach to medicine.  After we had discussed my diet he said “do you think that your working out too much?” I responded with do I have to answer and he said he knows what that means.”

Recently when I went into the Meridian Fitness in Manahawkin one of the trainers Stephanie had ask are you ok and said you look exausted.  I told her that I am ok was feeling little tired.  I pulled my training session ticket with Christine in Hallway Lisa who is the Group Ex. Director asked me how I have been she said come into my office lets talk a few. Went in and she asked how I have been and how are things going, told things are going well.  I told her at some point I want to try her spin class,[ for early risers its a 6am hiit (high intensity interval training.) ] She told me I love you but stay out of her class until this 8 week program is done with.  Lisa expressed a concern for over training and making sure that I’m compensating my food for all of the workouts that I am doing.  Lisa asked do you know what happens when you over train and dont eat enough?  She said i’m going to show you, Lisa showed me a picture of her after she did similar type training.  Kinda scared me because she said the weight came right back on and showed me the pictures and she explained the importance of equal work/rest and rest is no excercise for the day. It’s finally starting to sink in,  If your reading this i want you to take the time and look at the below two articles.

Over Training Can Kill You Part-1

Over Training Can Kill You Part-2

Steps Moving Forward

I will continue to work hard but have to be mindful of not over training, getting proper amount of rest l, equal balance of gym timeand making sure to eat enough calories to supplement the workouts. By supplement workouts I dont mean use “supplements from stores or meal replacements”    After all the goal is long term weight loss and sustainability of health and wellness.

Advantages of Smaller Clubs

One of the advantages of my home gym being smaller/family style gym is that the staff gets to know its members on a more personal level and when they see something doesnt seem right they are far from shy from expressing their concerns.  Not saying some of the larger clubs this doesnt happen also but in my recent experience lets just say a lot of people shared their concerns for what was starting to happen that could  have tured into a long-term problem if wasnt corrected.

Massage Today 

Ann referred me to a friend of her’s Megan who also happens to be a trainer.  Megan is a massage therapist and in addition to Dr J realigning me and doing his magic that Megan can also help with the hipflexor muscle through deep massage. This will be my first massage other then a one time chair massage at a convention.

All I can say oh my god Megan is amazing I have never felt so relaxed. Everyone definitely could use a massage and I would definitely recommend cloud 9 spa in galloway and Megan.  There is a link to them it is also on the Home Page under links