1/23/17 Day 14 Weightloss Challenge

Had a bit of a rough am, right hip lil sore 😕. Luv rainy days not really.

Nice breakfast, 4 eggs and a banana.  On the lineup for today is urban kick w/abs, quick shower then reformer with the ab queen Ann. Later on this evening I have Ann’s fit blast class, hmm saw Megan is doing a boot camp style small group.  🤔🤔 Might have to try soon.

Urbank kick was amazing felt great knee little sore with weather.

Was time for quick shower, some apple slices then back with Ann for the Reformer.

Knee was still lil sore with this crappy weather.  Got some good strength and stretches in, even though its the reformer I still manage to get a nice sweat on.

What made this workout lil different then “normal” was that Ann felt comforable to share some personal things with me.  She also asked if I minded if she stretched on refromer while i did my workout on the reformer and of course I said of course not.  In my opinion training doesnt have to strict in the sense of trainer show you, you do, trainer watches you.  Trainers can defently multi-task and in my personal opinion it’s more fun when a trainer works out with a client.  It can challenge the client and make them realize how far they have come.  It also proves the point of they arent going to tell you to do something they arent willing to do themselves.

Ive been through one or two trainer work outs that kick the crap out of me, do I think to myelf what the hell am I doing but afterwards the feeling is amazing.  You get the feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment.  After all  one of there many jobs is to motivate you what more motivation is there when the trainer is doing the work with you and they like to challenge themselves.

When a trainer says its going to be fun, plan on working your ass off.  Trainer fun and normal always seem to be on opposite sides of spectrum.

The one thing trainers do need to remember is even though they do some incredible stuff they are human and their bodies and brains need rest too.  If they dont take rest and give body time to heal they will break and I said today one advantage some of us clients have is “padding” the trainers r so muscular and strong when things move and twist well without padding they break.  Those of us with padding have a safety net 😆.  Some with bigger safety nets then others.

Had a few hours break before it was back for fit blast.  I burned almost 800 today in fit blast great afternoon.  It is nice to see people that take small groups on regular basis other places I have been its sporadic on attendance for small groups.  In galloway they need to take word small out of it, and trust me not bad thing when u get training in numbers.  More stations more calories I burn.