1/25/17 Day 16 Weightloss Challenge

Well today was a good day overall burned 7000 Calories today.

Had amazing morning, Had a nice clean breakfast (for the most part) Egg white’s, spinach, grilled chicken, 2 wheat slices of toast, fruit cup.

Headed up to Manahawkin for my appt with Christine and good workout with her.  We went outside used sledge hammer on tire, burpees and some outdoor boxing.  We finished the morning up with some time on the bag.

Had nice clean lunch (broiled chicken with salsa 2.5 cups of green beans

Was time to head down south for reformer then urban kick with Ann.  Had some nice general discussion while I worked out on the reformer.  I learned that every 3 months workouts need to be changed because your body starts getting used to and adapting.  Just some different perspectives about the fitness industry.   We did some work on my squats (that is going to take some time.) I will get it mastered trying to figure out who it will kill more me or my trainers lol, I will make sure it happens (at some point.)

Time to update my picture on the website, I went from a 38 waist down to 36 getting real close to 34″ never thought that would ever happen.

After I completed urban kick had to get a quick shower then head to go evaluate emt students.