1/27/17 Day 18 weightloss challenge

Started off the morning OK had breakfast 4 eggs and broiled chicken then I had fit blast with Ann, very good and it was a  blast even with the punishments lol.  Hmmm for ever day she doesnt have her online class done she might have to attend body combat classes lol.






After finishing fit blast, had egg whites grilled chicken spinach omelet with wheat toast to re energize for reformer.  Had a great reformer session felt great afterwards. Had really good conversation with Lori from weight loss challenge, Ann’s ears must have been ringing for like an hour.  Then it was back home to take quick shower before meeting with Dana for weight lifting.

Bad News

Well the news I was hoping for didn’t happen 🙁  have to wait one more month.  Kinda glad that I got it before the workout with Dana, was able to take out the aggression on weights have use the stress with positive actions.  One thing I have realized at how far I have come is that my temptation to reach for food as decreased during times of the stress.  The last 24hrs has probably been the most challenging for me because the stress I am dealing with is a lot, but I will not give in. Hell if I was able to help carry open boxes and cases  of girl scout cookies to Lisa’s car and not attempt to take one I think I am doing great.  By the way my two favorite were in there thin mints and Samoas.  Instead took a picture of the two cases and boxes and sent to Ann saying here is my new diet given by the manahawkin crew so I could get a laugh out of it so it would help distract me.

Dana Workout

Today we started with practicing of some lunges to try to get me do them properly.  What the trainers are trying to do is get me to do squats and lunges in proper form as to not hurt my back or other muscles.  My body has a habit of leaning forward in my opinion it’s because most of my excess weight has been in my stomach and I really prior to training never really used my abs except as a food and bowl holder :).   My abs are start actully build up never really thought that was going to happen.  Dana took some video to show me what I was doing wrong and how we made some correction to it.  As I have been told by everyone it is going to take time and they don’t want me getting frustrated over it, the mind muscle connection will happen.  They each are taking a few minutes to work on it to get it to improve and I am sure eventually it will.  Had a new PB of 150lbs benching we also did part of Dana’s  (She-Ra’s) leg work out to get by body used to it.  The next goal is to actually do her full leg workout which involves lots of reps and of course lots of weight.