2/9/17 Day 31 of weightloss challenge / amazing morning

Today is a good morning still getting over this cold.  On the agenda for today mashup, pilates, weightloss challenge, magic megan, and Dr. J.


Havent dne mashup in a few weeks felt great to do it again. Shoulders were burning still from last few days.  But I managed even with the “i see you.”


Im noticing the movements and stretches are starting to become a little easier as time goes on.  Guess it is showing my abs and other parts are getting stronger.

Shower time

Quick 10min shower, 2 tbsp of organic  peanut butter then off to weightloss challenge group.

Weightloss Challenge Group

My shoulders were still on fire from all week and have a feeling someone will make them burn more. So according to Ann its race day oh boy what could this mean hmm 🤔🤔🤔.

So we headed over to rowers, and Ann said we are racing to 2000 meters first one wins and that her time was under 8min and we cant beat it.  Sounds like a challenge hmm


So I beat Ann on her time from an year ago by .7 seconds


Ann’s Time


Initially I thought she was just trying to motivate me but durint megans massage I mentioned about it she sais no she did that a year about after she trained the crew girls. After my massage when I looked at my phone saw the pic from ann.  I really did beat her.  But in all fairness I do have a long reach.

Dr J.

Had great appt he noticed significant weight loss and said things are looking great.  He said wait your doing that challenge with ann aren’t you said yes.  Dr J said she wasnt going to loose.  I said of course not.