2/28/17 Day 50 of Weightloss Challenge 3 days of training and final weigh day fri.

Weigh in day always a little nervous.  Doing the massive workout yesterday could have caused me to bloat 🤔🤔 hoping not.

Today agenda

Weigh-in, pedal fusion, weightloss group,  body shred, body pump, body by kevin.

Bottoms Up (Lisa) MH

Got my balls broke by Lisa about Galloway (done in a fun way).  This workout involves step to start off with.   had to modify some of the moves (dead lifts, squats, lunges and sit ups and variations of v-sits etc.  burned 546 calories


Did weigh in not too bad, we have 3 more days including today then final weigh on fri. total for the entire challenge 27.8lbs. Lost lil over 3lbs this week.


Had a great spin class 688 calories so far today burned  2,760.  6,853 steps so far

Weight loss challenge

She loves legs today ran, lunges, planks, I had to modify at the end with v-sit and sit ups due to my bones not sitting right.  burned 596 calories


Had a good class didn’t burn as much as normal I think it has to do with me being sore 🙁 burned 227 calories.


Dr. J

I was able to get an appt. with Dr J. to see if he can make some adjustments and fix my soreness that I am having.  When he came in he started talking about an email that I sent him inquiring about my hips and hip flexor with lack of being able to hinge and waist to dead lists and other similar movements.  He basically explained that when the body isn’t used to doing certain moves it tightens to protect and my hip flexor is in high protect mode.  He explained that Ann is going to have to stretch the hell out of me to the point of tears to make the muscles realize they need to move.  So in short she needs to turn me into gumby.  I told him I believe Ann will be coming into see him in the next week or so if he could explain to Ann what needs to be done. He explained that to fix my hips flexor stretching and flexibility is most important.  Basically we need to make so changes to my goals in training, the initial goals were cardio/weight training as well as diet and weightloss.  The weightloss is progressing well but what we are going to change is a lot more stretching and flexibility training.  Dr J said that my hips are supposed to be even and mine are basically polar opposites one is down and in and other is out and up this happens due to instability and what has happened because of my weight loss my body is constantly changing and adjusting. He mad some adjustments had to break some fluid pockets (not very pleasant) but it had to be done. I txt’d Ann after so she got an idea as to how I made out with Dr J. and bounces some ideas on training and progress with changing primary goals.  Is this going to be pleasant no but it is something that has to be done in order to progress further.  I do trust Ann to turn me into gumby.  Dr J mentioned that has tx pt’s with similar issues that they were typically dancers and runners/athletes.  This was one of the steps I really wasn’t expecting but have to deal with it and in order progress will have to grin and bear this.  Ann has 2 reformer groups a week and Erin has reformer groups, based on my schedule and their availability going to take groups as time permits and  do pt training with Ann.  After this competition ends on Friday I will be backing off doing so many classes.  Of course the urban kick will be part of this plan I really enjoy that and it kick cardio side.