3/7/17 / Tuesday/

Woke up sore this morning.  Chest muscles are letting me know they got worked yesterday.   Made my 5am phone call for spin.


Dropped back down to 237.0


Plan for today

Spin 930

Shred 5pm

Fitness yoga 1045



Really great spin class burned 750 calories, did interval training.  I enjoyed it had taken a few spin instructorwls  where they did intrval/tabata style with pre-recorded stuff and didnt enjoy it as much as todays class.

Yoga fitness

I enjoyed the fitness yoga class with Jason it does help me relaxe even if it’s only for an hour.

Change in Plans

instead of Shred doing a lifting session with Dana, as it has been two weeks because of her being on vacation

PT- Dana (lifting)

My strength decreased slightly like I said it has been two weeks since I did an actual lifting session.


Had some stressors today in the afternoon and early evening, need to work it out of my head 🙁


News Letter at Manahawkin

One of the interesting things I have recently found out if how many people actually read Blair (the GM at Manawkin) newsletter.  Had few people in last few days mention about the article that Katie wrote up about me in March almost a year ago.  Had a Stafford Township Police Officer mention it to me the other day and today had one of Christine’s clients say to me didn’t I see you in the newsletter.  I’ve read over it a few times but never actually really thought about how many people read over his newsletter.  The newsletter talks about health tips, things to do and not to do,


Plan for tomorrow

Going to Manahawkin before work

5am Boot Camp (drenched circuit) – Sue

6am Spin – Lisa

Working 930 – 430

Spin 530 in gw- Ann (hoping i make it on time)

Fitness Yoga – Sandy


Trying to Sleep


I am trying to relax tonight by listening to some music that help me relaxe before bed.  When I just want to rest my mind I tend to listen to Air Supply on pandora, it tends to help me just not think