3/8/17 / Wednesday/ 1st Day back to work in 5 months/

Blog status complete

Well the plan was to start out with a boot camp workout in MH at 5am followed by spin at 6am.  Set alarm for 345am, and another for 4am.  Got up and said wishful thinking Larry.  Was way too tired to get all ready for gym and work at 4am.  Called both gym’s to reserve my spin spots MH for 6am and gw for 530pm.


Plan for today

Boot Camp 5am Sue (mh)

Spin 6am Lisa (mh)

Work 0930 to 430 at Race Track.

Spin 530p Ann (gw)

Fitness Yoga Sandy (gw)


Boot Camp

Never happened sleep took priority.



Well learned today there is another Lisa in Manahawkin.  I walked and she said you must be Larry, we were just talking about you and the newsletter article and amount of weight you lost. Class was almost full, Lisa asked what is she giving away that she doesnt know about since so full.  I have to say it was an amazing workout, I burned 780calories in 1hr spin.  It was an intense workout, I have to say first Spin class to give Ann run for her money.  They were a very comparible class, the format was similar to the one Ann did yesterday am.  We did speed intervals, hill intervals.  Really worked my ass off, actually had a pile of sweat on the floor in MH. The other two spin classes I took in manahawkin were good but this one was a grand slam.

Lisa mentioned how my name came up was evidently when I took the last class word got back to Lisa (m) it wasnt as intense as galloway and she did a very intense workout I am guessing it was friday (the final weigh in day) for weight loss challenge and I didnt take any classes before the weighin and people were complaining at how hard it was and I wasnt even there for it lmao.  Oops guessing im going to hear about that soon.😆


Well it was down pouring (hoping get cx from work) I feel weird going to work instead of doing pedal fusion 😢.  We  have rental today at track. 8 and 9second bikes 180mph in 1/4 mile. Haven’t seen people from track in a few months they were quite amazed at my weight loss and asked me how I am doing it.   Got a few of them setup on myfitness pal to give them an idea of much they are actually eating.  I meal prepped in the beginning of week so food is all set.  Bought organic peanut butter and almonds for ambulance and rescue truck so I always have healthy options avaliable. When I heated my lunch the ladies in the office were all like what are you eating lol they wanted to eat my lunch. Got out of work on time surprisingly.

Spin/pedal fusion

Ok between Ann and New Lisa omg my quads are screaming and burning.  New Lisa gave me a really good workout but well Ann had just slightly with intensity it was close.   One of few time in spin I couldn’t wait for the ab portion.  Better put that on a tic board those words dont come out of my mouth.

Fitness Yoga

Sandy was very nice, I walked into class and very shorlty she came up and introduced herself and asked me if it was my first time taking a yoga class.  I told her that I have take a few of Jason’s classes she asked 6am or the daytime told her both.  It is the same type of class but again way different teaching styles.  With Sandy it was a lot more challenging for me a lotnof her poses were were geared and hips legs lower body which is what I need.  It by far was not easy,  I made some modifications during the class.  At the end she came up asked how I like it told her it was very challenging for me she mentioned she waas watching and noticed I am very tight.  I explained it one of the things we are working on with Ann, Megan Dr J. and gave short explanation where started and my hip flexors are my trouble area.  Sandy said it will come, she did mention her classes are very flowing and she likes to keep people moving.  Overall I enjoyed the class, and he teaching.  One thing I also learned with Sandy was the name of the poses that we were doing it wasnt just movements I can put names to associate them.  Not that I am going to remember them but eventually I will.  I noticed many of the ladies in the class were in my opinion pretty advanced.

Tilton/Meridian Fitness Group Ex classes

One thing that sticks out in my mind about all of the group ex instructors is they all get to know the students that take their class classes.  They come up to the new students and intro themselves and explain the class to new participants on a personal level.


Ice bath

Omg time for ice bath body does not like me.


Plan for tomorrow

Was planning on doing spin but my quads are dont you even think about it.  You have an Ann day going to be sore without an additional help.

Mashup – Ann

Pilates – Ann

Pt Session – Ann

Dr J.

Urban Kick w/abs – Kathleen