3/11/17 / Saturday/ frustrations

Well woke up early this am made my phone call for my reservation for 8 am spin.


Had a great workout lil tired and sore from yesterday.  Burned about 600 watch didnt log it.


Pt boxing christine

Did boxing, step up’s on boxes initially tried w/weight on shoulders (40lbs) bothered knees then we tried 20lbs over shoulders .  Next it was two 20 lbs dumbells holding which was  fine on knees.


Had a conversation w/ one of my trainers on the infamous scale and weight.  Got frustrated because what was said was who cares what u weigh that I need to stop weighing myself.

One of my goals has alway been to weigh under 200lbs.   The reasoning behind the 200 is people have called me overweight or told me I need to loose weight because my bmi is too high, my weight is too high, etc.  The “recommended” weight is between 190 and 200lbs for my height.  So yes at this point a number is important to me because I have always been judged by dr’s and people because of my weight.  I think in my head things will feel changed once I hit that point.  At times I think people dont understand why I look at the numbers and worry about if and when they change.  Even the discussion I had with Kat the other night I really thinks its going to take time for it to settle in my head that I am not going to go back to my old ways.  Kat said the other night you have completly changed your ways you wont let yourself go back.  I guess I feel the only way I wont let myself go back is to weigh myself everyday to keep myself in check.

Plan for rest of day

Take a nap,

finish up an email

Do more studying for my nutrition cert.