3/25/17 / Saturday/ nervous as hell

Well nervous as hell today is urban kick instructor.  The morning i feel like i want to just throw up.  I know I can do this, just nervous things just got real.

Total new respect

I now have a complete different respect for group ex instructors.  Trying to time everythibg right, give cues, execute moves properly and keep everyone having fun is a lot of work.   Never really understood everything involved today.

Lets just say Lisa (mh mom) and I were taking the other day and she was talking about first time she stood up in front of a class and wanted to throw up, well yeah can relate after today.

The brains want to do certain things but the body doesnt always want to work with the brain and trying to keep in time to the music just adds to it.

The Master Class

The master class was amazing, learned a whole lot as far as teaching goes.  How to put all the pieces together (sequencies, hiit drills, athletic drills and glue)