3/31/17/ Friday

Woke up nice and early for my Manahawkin Spin Class with Lisa (“mom”.)  this is a pedal fusion style class 30min of spin and 30 min of whatever is on Lisa’s mind in the group ex studio.

Felt great after was a little tired but no rest for the weary. I have a 90 min break then I am due in Galloway for Shred with Mike P.



I wasn’t feeling super hungry this morning so I have a cup of oats


Shred – Mike P

I got a good workout in felt great I have notice my workouts are pushing me further with the myzone trying to prevent myself from slacking.  During this class I was mostly in the yellow flirting red with cardio portion and during weight portion green flirting yellow.


Fit Blast – Warrior Princess

Ok starting to get a little tired,  been a busy morning so far.  My knee isn’t coorpating I think it’s because of the weather when I weather starts doing weird shit my knee tends to get sore and hold me back.  During the Fit Blast class Ann incorporated my myzone into the class.  She kept my heart rate up for a good portion of the class but after a point the knee said I need a break so I had to back down.   She offered to allow me to skip the walking lunges at the end but I wasn’t skipping anything I just didn’t go as deep and modified.

Ann's Fit Blast – cardio time!

Posted by Tilton Fitness ~ Galloway on Friday, March 31, 2017


Pt – Session – Warrior Princess

Had a nice stretch we did some measurements to compare from about month ago and back in January.  I don’t have the exact numbers with me at home on an average over the last 30 days I lost either little under up to about 1.5 inches in some places on me it really feels amazing.  Each time we have done measurement Ann seems shocked at the difference.  I guess listening does pay off who would have thought.  After we did the measuring it was back to the reformer time for stretching of that hip but I am looking forward to seeing Magic Megan.



1/2 cup rice, 5oz chicken mixed vegetables.


Magic Megan – Massage day

Well even though I am sore I am looking forward to my massage 2pm with Megan.   I really could use one this week, it felt amazing she decided to not cup me because she thought I would be better off with the more relaxing massage then being cupped. Massages help the body physically and the mind reset.   This massage help the body but really helped the mind, had some things on my mind this week.


Thinking Back 

After my massage was thinking if I never hurt my knee and didn’t loose all of this weight where would I be right now?  The answer is I’m not really sure but I do know I wouldn’t have been as happy as I am now.  The other day something hit me and kinda held it in at the momement one of the women that I work with at the track had asked me how much weight I lost and I told her and she told me you lost an entire me.  That woman literally weighed what I lost in a way it was scary but an amazing feeling at the same time.  Hard work does pay off and it really shows.

Future Goals

My weight goal I had hit a few weeks ago I am still I am still shrinking in size.

I am getting better with not weighing myself everyday eventuality I won’t be weighing myself anymore.

I’m become much more comfortable in my body and not coming up with excuses why I can’t do things there are days that the knee well does stop me but far and few between


Some thoughts 

During the weightloss challenge Ann kinda mentioned one of my goals and she had no idea.  During the weightloss challenge she mentioned about picture with shirt off. At the time I was scare shirtless thinking omg I hope not.  I have been thinking about it more and more and well soon enough my goal will be to feel comfortable taking my shirt off for a picture.  We were talking about a week or so ago when Ann showed her mom my original picture and Ann said I need a better before picture.  I told her really don’t have too many because well never liked my picture taken because of how i looked and felt.   I never have nor will I ever judge people on how they look but one thing I have learned since all of these changes in my life is now that I have lost a large amount of weight I feel amazing and I don’t feel judged it has boosted my confidence.  One thing that I wish would happen is for my parents to recognize my hardwork :(.  I had one of my boss tell me the other day he was very proud at all of the hard work I have put in when you hear those words come out of a boss mouth it feels great but when you think why doesn’t your own parents think that or at least acknowledge it.  Needless to   say it hurts espcially when I was loosing the weight they kept arguing with me regarding my clothing size and they wanted to try to shrink my jeans to make them fit instead of exchanging a gift I received at Christmas.  I think maybe this is why when people tell me I can’t do something I go out of my way to prove them wrong and as I am sure a good portion of the group ex instructors and trainers that have gotten to know me realize when I am challenged I don’t give up until I am successful.  It may take me a little while but I can be a stubborn son of a bitch and won’t quit till i succeed.

One thing that I have learned is to always listen to your heart that it will always lead you in the right place and decision.



Plan for tomorrow 

Spin with Ann tomorrow in galloway then right to work.