4/8/17 / Saturday / survival kit

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Woke up little bit late this am.  The plan was to get to the gym early because I do have to leave early from spin because of work.  I was hoping to be in the spin room by 730 to get started early.


6 small eggs


Spin – warrior princess

I saw Ann ss we entered the gym, my abs hurt and told her “my fucking abs hurt” as i laughed and caused myself some discomfort.  She said sorry and I  said dont be.

Once I was upstairs told her I have to leave at 830.  Without missing a beat Quote of the day “you better get pedaling” people in class said wow she cracked the whip on you.

I got pedaling to make up for leaving 30min early.  Got a good workout in.  I will come back late tonight or early tomorrow morning to do more spin.   The other day I made up a few play list for spin I want to try out. Two are hiit and the other one is an endurance ride.


Nicole sent me an emoji that got me laughing.











One of the Nicole and I do is when one of us has a reset meal we send each other pictures.  Nicole got her myzone yesterday we were txting back and worth she was having similar issue with not being able to split workouts up.

After we spoke about the myzone she said she was on her way to go buy cupcakes for today because she was eating cupcakes today.

After that discussion she got me thinking I haven’t had pasta in months so i decided to go 1/2 good and 1/2bad.  I did shrimp with pasta for dinner















One of the other funny things we do to each other is most times are workouts with trainers in manahawkin overlap so we give each others trainers ideas right in the middle of the person already working hard haha.  Usually that that conversation ends what the hell dont give him or her any more ideas.

This morning she sent me the above emoji which got me laughing on way to work.  She said she is working out today doing tabata w/christine  and has to put pants on  😂😂 then its cupcake time.

The other thing that we do is when we try something new we tell each other about it.  I tried the myzone then nicole bought one.  She recently tried hello fresh from www.hellofresh.com


Survival kit at work

Ice chest (nothing but ice)


Inside blue bag

2 self meal prepped .meals

Baked skinless boneless meals, 1/2 cup rice, small baked potato



100 calorie almond packs

Organic natural peanut butter


Emergency food

1 tub, plant based protein powder

Lots, lots and lots of water


What not in here

No sugary shit, no trans/sat fat, nothing fried. Everythint is whole ingredients.


Good reading material

Ace fitness nutrition manual

Urban kick class design workbook