1/1/2017 Happy New Year


Started off the New Years with a great workout with Christine doing a special combination class of her body blast and body combat. I had to modify the body combat due to my wonderful hip flexor.

I want talk today about modifications
You should never be ashamed to have to or want to do modifications for a  particular exercise, class or move. Modifications are designed so that everyone gets a great workout. Good instructors and trainers when they do a class or move will show modifications that make the exercise easier and more difficult depending on each individuals skill level and their abilities.  If you have any questions or restrictions talk the instructor before the class starts, especially if you are new and if you have a restriction or not able to perform a certain type of movement they will either tell you before the class what to do or incorporate it into their class.

Some of us Learn the Hard Way

I was being thick headed and thought it would be a great idea even though I have been having issues with my hip flexor that it would be fine to do rotating jump squats.   Lets just say that went done as I was being a dumb ass that day.  I decided to try the insanity class great workout but I should have done the modifications that were given and not try to do every move.  I ended up straining/pulling multiple muscles in the right hip area because I thought I could do the more advanced move of rotating jump squats.  By the way did I mention that I have bad knees as well.  Typically strains and pulls can take several weeks to heal but after a semi painful visit with Dr. J he was able to adjust and fix me after several minutes of pain 3 days later I was good as new (lesson learned don’t try to do more then your abilities.)  I was lucky in the fact that Dr. J was able to fix me so quickly or well that would have been another set back.   Set backs happen by if they can be prevented why let them happen they prevent progress.   After all our goal is to workout and have fun exercising who enjoy being in discomfort or not being able to take class because of their ego.

Food log  for the day

It was a holiday and ate with the family so wasn’t a good food day.  10 days till I start the weight loss challenge with Ann, I have to buckle down in order for me to drop more weight, and for the team to win.  After all who wants to turn away cash prizes that I could use to buy more training 🙂

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