4/10/17 / Monday / day from hell

Bkog status : in-progress


I couldnt sleep last night was waking up every 2 or 3 hours.  I was planning on doing spin at 6am in manahawkin.  I overslept was rushing to get there on time.

I got in car heard my myzone fall under my seat.  I got to the gym co‎uldnt find it very frustrating.  At this poin5 the day went to hell.  Just not feeling motivated because of frustration never went into the gym.

I never went to spin and just drove home.  I have a lot of stress on my mind.  Completly cleaned out my truck and still couldnt find the myzone 😔.   Spent over hour looking for it the down side of dark interior and the myzone being black.

After searching for an hour and unsuccessful i ordered a new one.

Should have stayed in bed today




Was tired and boring very quiet


After work

Got done little early, decided maybe the best way to get rid of some stress is go to fit blast for 30min.

I gave into the stress

Well I decided to make a bad decision.  I ate crap I shouldnt have and now feel like a piece of shit.  It didnt even  make me feel better after I just feel worse 😔.  One of my bad habbits is emotional eating previously it used to make me feel better now I just feel guilty and crappy over it which didnt solve anything.


Plan for tomorrow

Plan on getting up at 430 to get to the gym for 545 spin.  I need to burn this shit off 😭. One day I will learn my lesson.   I have to deal with some of this stress tomorrow.  I have a session with Dana at 330 then might do some night classes depending on my mood and how the day goes.