1/22/17 Day 13 Weightloss Challenge/ Rest Day/ What Stress Does to the Body

Well had a good morning woke up early.  Had my healthy breakfast, 4 Eggs, I am meal prepped for the entire week.  (no stress on eating now)

Today is my rest day as I like to say I don’t like rest days but there is some things you have to do.  Besides if I don’t listen they (my trainers) have a habit of ganging up on me, they are some tough women but love them like sisters.

Took care of paperwork, Ann txted me about our sessions this week have them all scheduled got the updated schedule for behavior mod classes for weight loss challenge.  After I got done most of my business paperwork I decided to take some more classes from AFAA.

I took the Fighting Obesity: A Practical Approach, Jillian Michaels – Life Coaching, and Stress Gets Personal Course.

Certificates 🙂

fighting obesity- a practical approach

Jillian michaels ceru corner – life coaching

stress gets personal



Reasons I take fitness courses 

As most of you have realized at this point I am not a fitness instructor by any means at this point in my life but yes I take online courses.  The reason that I take the courses is to help me understand maybe why I have done things in the past and how to learn from my mistakes and how to better improve my life.

I eventually want to become a Health Coach to help people make it through their journey and be that role model for someone that Christine, Dana, Ann, Lisa, Eric, Katie have been for me.  A few weeks ago I purchased the materials from ACE (American Council on Exercise) on for Health Coach and I am slowly working toward my certification.


As I mentioned the other day Christine had a talk with me about stress and what it does to the body.  I listened to what she had to say and stored the information in my head.  As I was taking the AFAA Stress Gets Personal course.  It was like she was sitting on my shoulder saying “I told you so” and “Whats rule #1”

I am someone that started with stress at young age because of what happened to my sister never really learned how to deal with it properly.  Yes I went to Dr’s and therapists but no matter what in the end the best way that I dealt with the stress was through food.  Was it the best way not at all especially all that I have learned.  Throughout my whole life I have worked many jobs that are all surrounded by stress.  For examples, EMT, Fire Fighter, 9-1-1 Dispatcher, Animal Control Officer, and many other jobs I have done.  The ways I used to deal with stress were so counter productive, I just wish I knew this sooner.  I am so happy that “my fitness family” which includes Trainers, Group Ex. Instructors, Management of both Meridian Fitness and Wellness and Tilton Fitness and Wellness in Galloway have helped me learn new and improved ways of dealing with stress and anxiety and not relying on food to make it go away.  In long run nothing is going to make stress go away except me.  It’s a matter of learning how to deal with life and things as they come.



Since I started at both facilities in the beginning I had the I can’t do that attitude,  I started with a knee brace and limp that had permanent restrictions because of my knee.  Who would have thought that I would be doing burpee’s or trying rotating jump squats (shhhh don’t tell Christine or Dr J. hehe) I love rotating jump squats just not supposed to do them. If you read my about me page you probably noticed the “come to jesus discussion” Christine and I had with regards to making sure I get to the gym more then once, now I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum now I get told I need to rest and she cut some of my workouts (for good reasons.)

I have been challenged in so many ways.  When I first met Ann it was because I asked Christine about this class on the schedule in Galloway that sounded interesting Urban Kick what the hell could that be?? Christine told me I never took Ann’s Urban Kick class but I took many of her other classes you will love anything she teaches and she is easy  to follow.   I went in early thinking hmm is this really for me, this was the first time I had been to the Galloway Facility.  Ann came upstairs shortly afterwards saw me came up and asked have I ever taken Urban Kick before I said no but you were recommended by my Trainer Christine, I told Ann I was familiar with Body Combat and Turbo Kick and asking is it similar she said it is a mix of both but different.  She went over the very basic moves and said just follow along I will get it.  I took the class and was amaze and very happy with how easy she was to follow.  I was initially intimated by the class size, I was used to Manahawkin where the room wasn’t typically full and this room was packed full of students/urban kickers.  As I was going through the workout I was trying to keep up and actually didn’t do to bad.  With Urban Kick the moves are done in several levels and you don’t have to advance you can stay where you are so it truly is for everyone.  The workout also involved HIIT (high intensity interval training)  in short gets your heart rate pumping for a set amount of time.  I remember the HIIT for that particular was knees and was thing omg this should be interesting with my bad knee.  I was doing the HIIT not really pushing hard next thing I knew Ann was standing in front of my saying my knees hurt too lets go get those knees up.  All I could do was think omg Lisa has a twin, anyone that has taken a group ex course with Lisa from Manahawkin know your going to get pushed to your potential.   At the end she asked how I like the workout I said really enjoy it and I will be back I did let her know about my knee afterward and it got easier.  Ann was so easy to follow, when I say she is easy to follow most group ex instructors you have to try to figure out the next move with Ann she ques you before by tapping the side of her body on what will be next and what side.  I enjoy it so much that I took the thursday night urban kick also.  Later on Ann asked why don’t I try her spin class, I told her with my bad knee I don’t think I can do it.  She said give it a try I will set you up you will be ok.  So I decided what’s the worst thing that can happen besides Christine said all of her classes were good.  Now I do Urban Kick 2 or 3 times a week and Spine 3 times a week.

What I am trying to say is don’t just stay in your comfort zone push yourself or at least get the courage to try a new class don’t worry about pushing yourself because the group ex instructors are far from shy and will make sure you get a fun workout.  (yes, yes)


I can’t help but to think back where would I be if i didn’t hurt my knee?  Would something have ever made me decide to actually put the work and effort to take this weight off?  The truth is probably not I probably would have continued a long the same path I had been doing for years.  But I met some Angels a long way I call trainers (Christine, Dana. Ann,) who have helped guide my in the right direction of health and wellness.



Christine Roy “Rocky”

Ann Erik “ab queen”

Dana Nelson “She-RA” (Princess of Power)







My Meal Plan

After talking with Dr J. yesterday we made some adjustments to my meal plan and well lets just say it is easy to follow consistent not confusing and hell I am actually compliant with it.  It will need to be adjusted as my body changes but things are progressing very well.


Hope I didn’t make too many errors for my proof reader (yes,yes)