1/30/17 Day 21 Week 4 of Weightloss Challenge

Slept ok, had a lot on my mind.

Lineup for Today

On the line up for today is Urban Kick, training session on the Reformer, Fit Blast all with Ann


Urban Kick

Urban Kick went well I really enjoy urban kick get my blood pumping sweat going and burns a hell of a lot of calories, it is one of the best workouts that I get.  On Mondays we do 30 min of urban kick and about 15 min of abs.   Speaking of Abs my abs are finally starting to close in, many people are starting to notice size changes.  It really is nice know that all of this is really paying off and people are taking notice to the positive changes.

Quick Shower between Urban Kick and Reformer

Reformer Personal Training

After my nice 10min quick shower after urban kick was time to get started on Reformer with Ann.  Started off pretty good i’m starting to remember the excercises that we have been doing and then those famous words comes out.  Time to change things up,  Ann another set of words that mean oh boy new learning and hmm will this involve no little or a lot of pain.  So Ann decided it is time to start to open up the tight hip flexors, I figured this wont be too bad after all she said this will feel good.  Now remember with the Warrior Princess there is nothing that she does that is “simple or easy.”  So we got started and omg the did the “fun” start.  Couldn’t believe how tight my hip flexors actually were and lets just say as I am typing this email I am sitting on a bag of ice at computer.  She took a picture of my while doing hip rotations (just for the record no exercise could have prepared me for this move.)   All I can say is I can remember my gym teachers telling me in elementary school no pain no gain, well I sure as hell I hope I got at least 1/2 the gains of the amount of pain I was in.  For your enjoyment you can see the pic that she took and Ann asked if I minded if she sent the picture to Katie the Training Manager in Manahawkin I said sure why not.

When a trainers says time to change things up.

It was probably only 10min that we did the rotating hips on both sides but it felt like forever and couldn’t wait for it to be over.  I know in the long run that it will benefit me and that I will have to do things that I don’t like because change is good.  My hip flexors need a lot of work and well the Warrior Princess demands results so have to grin and bear it till they get stretched out.  I normally don’t start counting down the days till I see Magic Megan till about the week of my appointment yes there is 14 days or 336 hrs  till I go back and see Magic Megan.  We ended our reformer with the rotating hips, when my faces were priceless she couldn’t resist on taking a picture and laughing saying most people say it feels good.   Right before she left she said so I will see you at 430 for small group, I responded with if i’m not dead and can still move by then.  Ann said put some ice on it will feel better see you at 430.

Fit Blast/ Small Group

I came to Fit Blast was thinking twice before going was still a little sore but I went anyway got there few min late and know body else was there yet.   Got told I was late we are up stairs.  No pitty from this trainer beats me up on reformer for an hour give me a 4hr break and wants to get me again although I seem to be the one that keeps showing up hmm what is going through my mind.  Couple more people show up and most of the stations are ab based her favorite, if she didn’t break me earlier.  Megan happened to be there when we started and we were talking about the torture from earlier and showed her the pic and megan responded with oh someone has tight hip flexors.  Something tells me she is going to work on them during massages not sure if that is a good or bad thing.  Evidently I ws throwing her all kinds of looks and getting the response it was Ann’s job to give the looks not mine.  Christine, Dana and Katie always say that I do throw looks guess I didn’t want Ann to feel left out.

The song that would describe my day would be  “it hurts so good” by John Mellencamp

I was told at the end of class to go home put more ice on it and Ann will see me in the morning for spin.  Just for the record in the event this is your first blog that your reading while it may not be the most pleasant doing moves on the reformer that hurt my hip it actually does help.  One of the jobs a trainer has is strengthen parts of the body and sometimes that require pain and breaking down and challenging muscle that haven’t been used in a while and as they heal they heal stronger and more flexibl so yes I am breaking her stones for causing me pain but it is a good thing.  The longer I delay this the harder it will be so time to deal with this till I become flexible besides I know a good chiropractor and Magic Megan so all is well.


Weightloss Challenge

Well it is 11pm, tomorrow is weigh in day my favorite day of the week, not really on top of that before I head to the gym it is also blood work day for the dr to see how things are going.  I’m going to head back to the gym for some treadmill since it normally help me drop some additional weight we’ll see how long I can go with my hip.