2/7/17 Day 29 of Weightloss Challenge

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Woke up a little nervous.  Scale hasnt moved much this week and its weigh in day 😔.


Got to the gym, right before spin Ann so go down and weigh yourselves to Lori and I.  I was quite shocked when it dropped like 3 lbs.  Went back up stairs was planning on just sliding back over to my bike since class had already started but the words of where you going bring it here over the mic lol.  Lori and I are tied 17lbs a piece.  Had great spin class.

Weight loss challenge

Had a great class was motivated, little sore after doing weights about shoulders. Knees were on fire ( not a bad thing) did a lot of running and pushups. Towards the end when I finished first I just layed on the floor and someone took the perfect photo/facebook opportunity.  😆

Behavior mod class

It got canceled due to bianca being sick.  Wasnt a bad thing that it got canceled because I had a forest fire meeting.   Had someone ask me at the end if everything was ok they were concerned that I lost weight.  I told him that is the plan/goal and I have trainers making sure that it is happening he said oh ok.  Nice feeling that people noticed, one of the guys was having surgery on monday for sleeve. 😔 I tried to convince him there are other ways.

Had good day food/calorie wise.


Made my appt. with Magic Megan, needed to be thursday teaching this weekend have to make money to pay for the gym and the triple threat 😆.