2/10/17 Day 32 of weightloss challenge

Well got up 430 in the am to go to fitness yoga.  Thinking why am I getting up so early.

Had healthy breakfast 4 eggs and healthy oatmeal.

Fitness Yoga

Was really good starting to enjoy it. Think it will be on my regular schedule.  Hopefully wont get cx due to low numbers since only 4 or 5 of us.

After fitness yoga headed over to police dept to setup my class.  Before coming back to do Ann’s fit blast.

New time

So I came back and saw Ann who asked what r u doing I said not going home for 25min to come back she said there is old lady silver spin. I said I’ll pass and I actually got a pass on that surprised.  So I went over to the rowers and said let me try my time again.  So I did it even faster today at 7min 36sec. of course had to take a pic and lightly gloat.   In all fairness I may have a slight longer reach, when you row it isnt all about speed has to do with pull and longer reach further u go for distance.

Ran into Ann again

I was sitting in lounge area before fit blast and someone saw it.  Got told get up to body shred I tried to explain y I shouldnt and got told go. Not winning this one.  As I am heading into room someone said guess she told you.  I laughed. I wasnt winning twice.  Rule of thumb dont let the trainer seeing you not working out or you will have something to do rather quickly 😂😂.


Hoping I did well, students went across to Italian place and i got salad with samon. Very light balsamic dressing on samon.


Workout with Dana

Did workout with Dana, not the best arms were tired only could lift 135 not my best day.

Weightloss Challenge

I saw on facebook that April 3rd is another weightloss challenge thinking maybe 1 more will get me to my goal if Ann is willing to deal with me 1 more time. 🤔🤔🤔 I

Believe I’m going to be about 10-15 lbs short of my goal weight. Besides she needs to defend her title because she will have the winning team.  So we shall see.

Future Race

Want to do a rowing race with Megan and Ann reason is to try to push my hardest and see the best time that I can do.  Megan said she was game and I expect them to be on A game I want a challenge and if I loose I loose will give me more goals.