2/14/17 Day 36 of Weight loss Challenge/ Power of Words

Well it is Valentines Day one of my least favorite hallmark holidays.  Probably because I have been single for so long I just get frustrated.  For the lineup for today I have Spin, Weight loss challenge team, training session with Dana, and Behavior Mod class.


Spin was amazing had great workout.  Loved the music nice good intensity love the people that are in the classes with me.   One thing I don’t think people realize is the power of words.  In sense of positive and negative things that are said in todays world.   I had a very touching moment today one of the women (Neelma) that does quite a bit of Ann’s classes who has made several comments at how well the team has progressed with the weight loss.  Neelma said something I never thought I’d ever hear come out of someone’s mouth about me.  She was coming down the steps and I was heading up and she said hey skinny how are you?  It took me a minute to actually realize what she had said.  I was so used to people talking negative about me especially my weight and appearance, don’t get me wrong know body at the gym has ever made negative comment.  Trainers have made comments but there is always a part of me that used to wonder are they just saying it to make me feel good or is it actually meant.I’m just speaking overall especially growing up was referred to as the “big kid” “fat kid” you get the picture.  For someone to actually make the statement that I looked skinny she has no idea what did to my day.  It was just an amazing feeling that I had and will always remember.  People have a tendency of pre-judging people before actually giving them a change, I had a woman years ago tell me your the nicest guy I have ever met, you would do anything for anyone but I can’t date you because I can’t get past your looks.  Talk about hurt nothing pisses me and frustrates me is when people pre-judge before getting to know someone because people are much more then looks.  Yes I have made my fair share of bad decisions over the years but one that I have never done is pre-judge someone because of appearance.  I have always believed in getting to know someone and I base judgment on actions or inaction’s of the individual.  Everyone is human and has feelings and I don’t think that people realize how words can impact someone’s life in good and bad ways.  One of the things when I teach my 9-1-1 Communications Officers (dispatchers) that I tell them remember one thing don’t say anything that your not afraid or willing  to say on a national news channel if people took that philosophy and used it in every day life I think things would change in this world on how people are treated.

Weight loss Challenge


Joan Hance, Lorrie Marshall Tadros and Larry down another 11.6 lbs from last week! They are amazing!

Posted by Tilton Fitness ~ Galloway on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Today is weigh in day as always little nervous just because you never know what the scale will actually say.   I did very well 5.5 lbs lost for the week, I’ll take that.  I was a little surprised I thought maybe like 2 or 3 didn’t expect 5.5 lbs.  Today’s exercises were challenging and a little frustrating one of strugles has been my knee and unfortunately yes it has come so far but I still do have restrictions and my head is always in the game for lets challenge and try something new but on the other side my knees says I hate you or no you can’t do this.    I wish that I would have started this weight loss way before my knee injury happened number 1 there is a good chance things would have been different in my life if I made these changes sooner if I am I the way I am now and my injury happened I probably would have bounced back easier and quicker from the surgery.  I know eventually some of the body parts that don’t want to make the mind muscle body connection will happen I just wish it would happen sooner rather then later.  Two of my biggest challenges I have faced throughout my weight loss journey and this weigh loss challenge is all of the psychological changes and issues that well if people told me before I started this that I would be dealing with I probably would have ran the other way.  When you start a weight loss journey its not just about physical changes you make it’s also psychological impact like  have to change some of your surroundings, your environment, triggers, how you react to good and bad news, what are good ways to handle things, what are negative ways to handle emotions.  It really has been overall a very challenging experience good trainers and staff at gym’s will guide you through the process.  It truly is a process and the first step in the process is admitting that you have an issue, making plan to take action to fix it, implement the plan, once the goal is accomplished how to maintain.  I think one important factor is you need a good support system both inside and outside the gym.  I know that at least one of my trainers reads my blog on frequent basis because she wants to know where my head is and what is on my mind.   It took numerous weeks for me to realize why, then I really thought about it and when someone asks someone a question or whats on their mind they respond the way they think the person wants them to.  It’s not always the most honest or truthful but when someone keeps a blog or writes down what is going on then tend to be less filtered.  This is one the reasons that finding a good trainer is important just because a trainer has  a certification or training doesn’t make them qualified for the job it means they passed the minimum requirements of the job.  She doesn’t get paid to read my blogs or to txt me at night saying “someone missed pm abs” someone will be doing extra pushup’s tomorrow.  It shows the dedication that they have to their clients and wanting to see them succeed.  On the other hand trainers need to make sure they get enough time away from the gym and separation from work so they don’t get burnt out.


Over the last few days Nicole and I have been talking via txt quite a bit she is getting ready to head on a cruise vacation for a few days.  She has been little worried because she will be out of her routine.  I remember the words that some trainers told me was you still need to enjoy life and let loose once and a while.  It is ok to enjoy yourself we are always here for you.  I remember when they wanted to do a diet reset and it scared the shit out of me the thought of eating someone unhealthy because in my head the thought was omg once I start I won’t stop and I’m going to end up the way I used to be.   Nicole was having some of those thoughts and I explained what I was told.  I made the suggestion for her to talk to Eric about some suggestions for workouts while she is away so that it does help lessen the stress of being out of the routine.  I got a txt message the day that she is boarding the ship, it is a small white board of with the exercises that she did.  I told her don’t forget to have fun.  It’s nice to have someone that has had a similar life changing experience, who you can bounce things off of, who has had similar concerns and how they handled it.   When she was concerned about eating and cruise I told her don’t worry how the food is prepped you can’t go wrong with greens, most dinners are chicken or seafood but try new things also.  Reminding her she has a lot of people that care and we won’t let her go back to the ways of the past.  If she feels she needs an extra workouts when she gets back i’d be happy to join her. Trying things outside of your norm once you start a weight loss journey can be scary because of the fear of the unknown with the right guidance good things happen.


Lifting with Dana

Had a very good session with Dana, she noticed some of the things that Ann did especially with the mind muscle connection issues in the hip area.  Dana is going to be doing so more lower back with me to hopefully get the muscle to hinge in the right places.  Her thoughts was that I don’t have the connection because of much that I was compensating over the years because of my old size that we need to break that connection and create a new connection.  The most important factor is to make sure that I don’t get hurt because doing dead lifts using back could end up with back injury and none of us want that.