12/31/16 New Years Eve up and down day

Stated out morning with new years eve spin class in galloway w/Ann Great workout

Delt with stress afterwards 😔😕

Have appt. with Dr J today to discuss diet and adjustment.  Due to the weight loss body parts arent in the correct place need to have adjustments done weekly for now.  The trainers break me he fixes me.

Got my adjustment feels great afterward.   ☺ Need to still work on my hip flexors, still very tight.  😕 (frustrating) more time on reformer and stretching.


We spoke about diet and use of protein shakes.  I learned a lot of useful information and looked up some of the ingredients and it scared hell out of me.  😲  The one thing if nothing else if your seeing a trainer or dr regarding weight loss you have to remember to have open mind.  Remember one thing if your seeing these professionals or you are having weight issues something your doing isnt right.  Someone doesnt become overweight overnight.  As a wise physical therapist assistant once told me it took you 30+ plus years to put this weight on it doesnt come off over night.  You have to be open minded and ready to change, you can say your ready to make changes but until you take initiative things will never change.   The professionals arent always right but remember something you have been doing is wrong and be willing to try something different.  Every training client is different and it’s a matter of trial and error.  I put christine through hell the first several months because I kept telling her its not working she was wrong, I wasnt making all of the necessary changes nor was I giving it a chance.  I am a very type A person and trusting and giving someone control wasnt easy but I had to come to the realization that what I was doing was wrong.  If I would have listened sooner would be much more a head then where I am now.

I started out in 48″ was at a 40″ now down to 38″ almost bordering 36.” In less then a year.

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