1/2/17 Down another Jean size (8 Days till weight loss challenge starts)

Today was a busy day started out this morning with Ann this morning Body Pump, then right to urban kick, 10min shower then to the reformer for an hour session, quick stop at wawa for some hard boiled eggs and fruit then off to manahawkin for a lifting session with Dana.  Lunch (turkey burger, 2 cups of steamed broccoli) then short break and back down to Galloway for Fit Blast with Ann.   Total Calories burned for the day was over 7k.

Weight Loss Challenge

I am counting down the days till the fitness challenge starts.   I’m a little bit nervous, I know I can do this but still always in the back of head there is the thought of failure.  Part of me thinks are you ready to be challenged like this, and the other 1/2 of me says you have been working so hard you deserve this.  It is going to be 8 weeks of very intense handwork and self control.

Down another Jean Size

Well, got a pair of jeans at christimas 40″ had to get them exchanged for 38″ and after working out today it looks like I dropped another jean size, down to 36″ haven’t worn 36″ jeans in I can’t tell you how long.  It really is an amazing feeling when your clothes keep getting smaller.   I found my pair of shorts that I used to wear when Christine and I started lets just say that Dana and I could both step in to them comfortably that was a bitter sweet moment when I realized how big I actually was and how far I have come in a little over 11 months.   The people that I have been so lucky to have worked with have been so amazing, supportive they know how to help someone who through bad experiences actually had a hate towards trainers and now can’t image where I would be without them.


Not all trainers are made the same.  Every trainer has their specialty and skills that makes them who they are.  As I am sure you have noticed I have used several trainers in different capacities whether it be classes or with individual training sessions.   One of my barriers in the beginning was not having a complete open mind and being able to trust them.  When you start on your weight loss journey and transformation remember couple of things they aren’t in this job to be millionaires for what they do they don’t make a lot of money.  I had a recent conversation with several of them said it’s a shame that insurance companies don’t recognize personal training as a form of medical treatment.  I mean look at how much money they could save by paying for training sessions for someone instead of paying for expensive tests and surgery for weight loss.  They are wealth of knowledge and their willingness to help you and be accessible via phone or txt is amazing.  They aren’t paid for after hours txt messages or phone calls when your not sure if what you eating is a good decision.  It’s nice to know that when your having a really shitty day that they tell you instead of eating get your ass to the gym and go punch a bag it will make you feel better.  As most of you may have realized I really had admitting that I am wrong, in almost all situations they have been right, I just didn’t always have an open mind.   What is also an amazing feeling is when a trainer, instructor, or someone in management asks the average guy/woman their opinion of a class or instructor.  It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling that your opinion does matter.  By the way trainers do realize when your not in group classes and well once they get to know you when your not their and they don’t know why you better expect to be explaining your self in either a txt message, phone call or in person.  It also best not be that you were too tired to show up or another type of excuse.   Yes I have come a long way but I am no Arnold Schwarzenegger, i’m just the average guy that goes to the gym to try to improve myself and handle stress in positive ways instead of with food.  Remember one thing a good portion of trainers at some point struggled with food or weight loss/gain

Conversation with Dana

Had a really good conversation with Dana while working out today regarding how everything comes back to the food.  She pointed out if you think about it when we are happy we eat when we are sad or upset we eat.  People don’t realize how much they actually intake into their body.  There was food that I used to love and crave and if i even smell it I get a sick feeling in my stomach (I blame Christine for that :)) in a good way.  For me to change my diet in the begining well knocking down the great wall of China probably would have been easier if you asked Christine for her honest opinion because it was not easy to convince me that I needed to change my diet.   Every good trainer will probably tell you this, “you can’t work off a bad diet”  everything comes down to choices.  Dana and I spoke about other things that will be in a future entry.


Well now that I actually wrote a book instead of a blog entry for todayday I am off to bed, have to be in class at 0930am.