1/4/17 Feeling Really motivated today/ 7 days till weightloss challenge

Had a great morning, woke up at 4am to call the gym to make sure I had a reservation for both of my spin classes for today, the person that answered the phone said are you sure for both classes. I said yes I am.  I took 30min of spin felt great then did 30 min of abs lets just say my abs were screaming at the end of it.  Abs are one of the hardest muscle for me to work on I need motivation and having a room full of people doing abs helps.  Most things I do try to do on my own, I just can’t seem to buckle down to do abs on my own so I take classes that like to kill my abs 🙂

Feeling very motivated

I was feeling very motivated today, I took the NASM/AFAA G.E.A.R. Indoor cycling instructor, AFAA/ NASM – Health Coaching Skills.  I’m also in the process of working on my AFAA Group Exercise Certification.

gear indoor cycling

health coaching skills

fitness instruction essentials


Afternoon workout

Had amazing workout, my abs and gluts are sore.  Worked with Ann, 30min of reformer, urban kick, pedal fusion (spin and abs.)  After the pedal fusion my abs are screaming.  I luv the feeling of sore abs.  The hip flexor is getting better have more movement and less popping of.


Weight-loss Challenge

7 Days till weight loss challenge, 6 Days till first weigh in.