1/12/17 Day 3 of Weightloss Challlenge

Well it’s day 3 feeling pretty good. The scale is still moving in the right direction.

Havent hit a new record low but I have faith Trainer Ann will make sure that the numbers keep going lower. Today have mashup with Ann, small break with a behavior modification class. Then back to work with Trainer Ann in our team workout.  (What could she have in-store for us hmmm)







I had a behavior modification class, got some useful information and healthy recipe.  It ended up being 1on1.  They are twice a week only need to attend one a week.


I before the behavior mod class i was in mashup tried to leave a little bit early and well got calld out saying you got 7 minutes nice try.  Oops guess that wasnt the best decision.




Heading for well deserved lunch then back early evening for more with Kathleen (urban kick) and maybe Megan (spin)