1/16/17 Day 7 (1 week) Weightloss Challenge/ Communication

Had a great morning 7hrs of sleep. Small breakfast (4 hardboiled eggs, and a banana)

Did 1hr of Urban Kick with Ann,


Did 1 hr of Training with Ann on the reformer.

Open Communication

One of key things to remember is communicating with your trainer (s).  When they create your workouts they typically base it on the activities you have done/will do that week.  One of their focuses is to not over work muscle groups.  In my particular case I inform the 3 of them what I have done with others and other classes that I have done as to not to duplicate workouts and over work muscles.

The other factor that comes into play if something hurts, doesnt feel right, or your just having and off day tell them.  They typically can tell when your having an off day or something isnt right because your head isnt all into it.  It might mean you need a rest day or they will change the excercises to work around the concern or maybe like in my case when having a rough day before Christine we do a boxing session to get the stress out.  In the end you want the best workout so communicate with them.  If you have more then one trainer you work with they also communicate with each other on what the other will be doing.

Not all trainers are built the same/how to pick a trainer

What is the best way to pick a trainer?

Well my first suggestion is take some group excercise classes or small group classes.  Majority of the personal trainers will teach one or both of them.  I would also recommend talking to the trainers. Find out what their passion is when it comes to training, yes trainers go through training through an accrediting agency for their training certification or example ace or afaa. Take a look at their profiles on their training cert website. Find out if they have additional certifications or specialties ie nutrition, weight loss,  sports, behavior and so on.  Tell the potentail trainer what your goals are and see how they fit into what your looking for.  There is no harm in using more then 1. Try several till you find one or more that fits your needs. In my case I use three.  All three have access to the data obtained on my watch/scale and my fitness pal (food tracking)

Christine is my primary trainer she brought me to the gym (lots of kicking and screaming initially, ) does boxing/cardio/abs/ light weight training, cardio weight training, HIIT, with me she teaches several group excercise classes to include body combat, body blast, small groups to include tabata and jab fit.  Christine has referred me to other group excercise classes and instructors.

Dana does weight lifting with me.  That is Dana’s passion she is also a body builder and competes. She teaches small group cardio core and more as well as a group excercise instructor,   teaches Body Blast. Dana has a specialty and degree in nutrition.

Ann works with me on the reformer (abs,) my weight loss challenge trainer and  has a passion for HIIT (high intensity interval training,) and she loves abs.   Ann also trained with Billie Banks.  Annis the group excercise director in galloway and teaches urban kick, spin, small group, ab workouts, body pump etc.

Plan for tonight was to go back for Ann’s small group fit blast unfortunately my class that I am teaching ended up being larger then expected couldnt attend.

Plan for tomorrow is Spinning and galloway with Ann and weightloss challenge team.  We are doing another inbody scan to see how things are going with challenge.