1/17/17 Day 8 of weight loss challenge / spin tuesday


You guessed it Spin Tuesday with Ann, one of my favorite classes.  After Spin Class quick shower then weightloss challenge group.

Weightloss Challenge

I have a lot of mixed feelings/emotions about this challenge.  It seems people are doing this challenge because of prizes and money.  Shouldnt the overall objective be for someone to be happy and healthy?

When I started my weight loss journey just under a year ago.  It wasnt to win prizes or for attention, the goal was self imrovement and an overall better me.

For the weightloss challenge today we first did measurements using the inbody system which measures muscle, body percentage, weight,etc. It gives an entire view of whats going on via electrical impulse technology. Total team loss of 13.5lbs.

Team Ann










After wed did the measurements, Ann had an extensive discussion regarding the utlimate goal is health and wellness.  She also discussed my manahawkin trainers concerns of over training.  😊

Had a great workout time for snack then heading for some rest.