1/20/17 Day 11 weight loss challenge / 1yr anniversary of training

Today was a little rough start.  Clothes felt a little snug, I have been assured this happens once and while and I am just having a bloaty day because of the diet change.

I didnt eat a proper breakfast only ate peanut butter with carrots and celery.  Screwed up my workout schedule.  After I realized it, I did some cardio on elliptical then jab fit. By the time the warmup for jabfit was exausted.

I’m still trying to wrap around my head that eating more is better.  My biggest fear is that im going to go back to old way of eating. 😔.  After jab fit Christine spent 20 min. talking to me regarding meal planning, eating and everything in general.  Im so used to structure and having to change eating based on what I’m doing is frustrating.  I’m just having one of those days.  She made suggestion to lower down calories to start to get used to eating more.  Prior to the diet change myfitness pal and my watch kept yelling at me to eat more and kept telling me a minimum of 3000 calories.

It is also taking some getting used to not working out 4 to 6hrs a day.   Ive been doing that  for so long, when I workout my brain doesnt have to think.  When I tend to think I tend to get stressed.

Noon which means Lunch time and Im starving 8oz grilled chicken 2 cups steamed broccoli.

1yr anniversary working with Christine. She has stuck with me and always will and didnt go crazy as much as I got under her skin with my habbits.









48 down to 36 waist

4xl down to large shirt

More self confidence

Food is better controlled

Weight loss of 100lbs

Healthy choices

Took a nap after lunch to recharge for Dana and weight lifting.  Had healthy snack.  Then back to gym for my 4pm appt.


Hope maybe lifting today will alleviate this stress and frustration.






Had a great session with Dana, new P.B. of 145 X 12. Dana did nice combination for me of lifting with HIIT workouts between sets she wants me to win the weightloss challenge.  Dana knows how to push me to new levels every week with lifting.  Next goal with Dana is to start with  150 for next week and eventually to do her leg workout that will kick my ass.

Had nice healthy dinner, Salmon dinner with 2 cups broccoli and 1 cup of brown rice that Christine gave me to try.