1/21/17 Day 12 Weightloss Challenge /

Well it’s a great morning well rested.  Got up did my nomal thing (not that i am supposed to) but down 1/5 lbs fat percentage down as well.

Plan for today this morning I have Spin with Ann, small healthy snack after.   I have an appt with Dr. J. today see if he can do more with my hip flexor since Magic Megan did her wonderful magic on me last week.

Knee was little sore during spin, combination of weather and doing 270lbs on leg press new P.B. (3 plates each side) yesterday with Dana.

Had small snack after spin, felt great in general.  I had appt with Dr. J after lunch he immediately noticed some physical difference since the last time I saw him 2 weeks ago (in good way. ) He asked what did I change and I mentioned about the calorie increase recommendation.  Dr J asked if I knew why the calorie increase was suggested he explained because of the amount of excercise that I do even with Christine cutting back the amount of classes and workouts that I do any food that I eat will turn to fat because body would go into starvation mode because of the combination of calorie burn rate and my excercising.   I also told him about Magic Megan, he said that is great he would recommend once or twice a month to see Megan whatever schedule permits.  He would recommend a deep tissue massage but if a swedish worked then thats great too.  My next appt is 3 weeks with Dr. J because of the improvements.

At Dr. J’s I ran into Trainer Ann and got to meet her wonderful family. Now I have officially met all of trainers families. 😊

Plan for rest of afternoon is rest/paperwork.  Tomorrow is my scheduled rest day 😠 I dont have to like rest days but my body needs to build itself back up after tearing it a part during the week from my amazing workouts by great trainers and group excercise specialists.