1/24/17 day 15 Weightloss Challenge

Woke up super early 😔 didnt really sleep well.  Its weigh-in day.  Little nervous 😯.  Of course im pre-weighing on my scale.

For the lineup for today, spin and then weightloss group with 30min between to shower.

Got to spin 30min early thinking it started at 9 opps. It actually started at 0930 so Ann did weigh-ins before spin I think I did ok.  Im working hard just in the end hope the weight stays off.

Had amazing spin class you know you work hard when your fingers get water logged from sweat.

After spin had apples and peanut butter.

We met with our weightloss group, did a great workout my knees are cursing ann right now.  Maybe one day they will work without pain but doubtful.  Unfortunately I have overcome many obstacles from my injury but certain things I have just been unable to do.

Between both workouts burned just under 2000 calories.

Time to eat again,

Tonight I have behavior mod class wonder what Bianca has in store for us tonight.

Doing some heavy thinking about making some changes.  Kind of on the fence not always a bad thing.

Had behavior mod class learned some new things on food labels and products, as well as how to make environment changes to avoid issues witg food.