1/26/17 Day 17 Weight Loss Challenge

Had a great morning, got a good night sleep, had an ok breakfast 4 scrambled eggs and 100 calorie pack of almonds.

On the lineup for today is Pilates with Ann, short break afterwards then time for weight loss group training.  Had a nice stretch during pilotes, I do wish I was little more limber it frustrates me that everything is still tight and I know it takes time but I just wish I could rush things and make them happen already.  After Pilates.  I decided to get little warmed up before weight loss group and hopped on the elipitcal for 5min to get heart pumping and a little sweat going before we start with a 5 min break before to let myself cool down a little.  I burned 157 Calories in 5 min doing that hmm something tells me I need to do the elipitcal a little bit more.  The nice thing about about the elliptical is that doesn’t seem to put pressure on my knees.

Weight Loss Group

We got started in weight loss training and well guess what we started with Treadmill and a lot of it.  I probably could have skipped my little warm up because omg  someone got my heart rate up.  We burned a lot of calories on the treadmill at constant speed adding elevations till the highest point 15% grade.  After we spent quite a bit of time on the treadmill we did 50 push-ups 50 squats,  and much more. Ass kicking day then we did it all over again.  I think I got most of it.  Ann loved the treadmill today.  The ironic part of the day is when she looked on her Facebook and her posting a year ago was friends don’t let friends go on  treadmills. Hmm  change in heart over the year???

Weight Loss Challenge Week #3

Posted by Tilton Fitness ~ Galloway on Thursday, January 26, 2017


I’m a little worried about this Saturday night, I have a banquet to go to, Yes I have gone out before but I basically had/have a safety net because places I have gone  people that work there also happen to be trainers and or they know my trainers and the thought of not screwing up is in my mind.  This particular banquet is typically a boring one so doesn’t make any easier to help with the boredom.  On top of this in my head just found out that some of my stress that has been over my head for years that is supposed to go away this coming Wednesday maybe delayed till March because people want to play games with peoples lives.  This is going to be even harder if I find out tomorrow that it will be delayed another month.  I just wish that stress was over with so things can move on.  I’ve dealt with it long enough and it should never happened to begin with. Day went from great to hell in a matter of 1 hour.  Just have to sit back and hope tomorrow is good news that it won’t be delayed.


After the afternoon that I had, I had two choices go back to the way I used to deal with stress or hit the gym and spend and hour with Kat for Urban Kick.  I decided my better option was to hit the gym and spend time with Kat’s class, it helped get my mind off things and get the frustration out.  I’m just really hoping I’m going to be getting good news that everything is a go for Wednesday.  Besides the slight fear of like 5 trainers kicking the crap out of me for not doing the right thing had a small affect on that decision and one of them that several of the other trainers fear.

Better Night

After the crappy afternoon the night got better especially when the trainer’s words of inspiration get used on her by the friend/client when she is outside of her wheel house.

😂😂😂  something tells me its going to be burpee or squating morning 🤔🤔🤔