1/28/17 Day 19 of Weightloss Challenge

Not starting off very well.  I didnt sleep well had a lot on my mind.  I almost didnt go to spin class this morning.  I just wanted to stay in bed, Im very frustrated and still upset.   I brought my parents to the airport for their cruise.  At 430am came home ate breakfast tried to take a nap before spin.  I got up and just really wasnt feeling it today I went anyway.  I just have a lot on my mind.

The spin workout helped a little bit with the stress especially once she made adjustment to my settings felt more in gluts.







Still have tonight on my mind, but I made a promise and I dont break promises.

Getting ready for “magic megan”  after this week everything hurts.


All I can say is my day has improved 150%.  A massage from Magic Megan words can’t describe it’s the 60 or 90 min i actually get to ease my mind/body and just enjoy time to   myself.  I mentioned to Lisa just after my first massage with Megan at omg how amazing a massage she asked what rock I have been living under that I should be getting them regularly.  I said I agree and will be, besides I have trainer order rest so what perfect time.    Massages are part of the entire process it’s Ann, Christine, and Dana’s job to break me of bad habits and change muscle movement and murder the fat out of my body.  Megan has the wonderful job of actually healing, by using different techniques to bring healing to the mind and body.   The body needs to rebuild after it has been tortured by the amazing trainers that I have.  By the way Megan can also be your choice of fat murder because she is also multi-talented and is a personal trainer at Tilton Fitness in Galloway.  I was talking to one of my previous students that comes to me for CPR/First Aid Training who is a massage therapist and she explained you have to think of a massage therapist as the doctor for muscle.  It’s there job to work muscle in different ways then trainers to promote healing.  On this particular massage Ann recommended that I try  cupping on my back that it gets deeper.  I love suggestions and wow it felt great.  In my opinion everyone should get a massage and everyone should see Megan for a link to Cloud 9 Day Spa take a look on the in the menu above.