1/31/17 day 22 Weightloss Challenge 1/2 way

Woke up a little sore from yesterday but I’m game for more challenges.

Started off with getting my blood work done fingers are crossed that things will go well.  Had weigh in today lost about 1.5lbs total for the competition I have lost 11.5lbs 4% body fat and gained 1.5lbs in muscle.  Doing very well,  I forgot to mention that Ann did physical measurement of my body to actually do comparisons as things progress even though it is not part of the competition.  Ann is very happy at our progress and we are kicking all of the other teams in weight loss.

Had spin class today did well was a lil tired afterward, grabbed quick snack after shower before it was weight loss group.

Weight Loss Team Training

If nothing else I will learn to squat, you guessed it we did a lot of squats in one shape or form with and without weights, with ropes.  Ann also took a 1/2 comparison pictures of us you really can see the difference.

Buying more Training Sessions

Well today was the last day for 15% off training sessions so I bought sessions at both gyms.  It was funny because when I bought at Manahawkin Katie the Training Director realizes that I don’t want a copy of the receipts because i’d just rather not know what I am spending.  When I bought the sessions in Galloway the operations manager Christy (i’m probably spelling her name wrong sorry) said we have a copy of your receipt for you and said I prefer not to see what I am spending the thought creates slight chest pain.  But it is well worth it and she responded that is all worth it in the long run and everyone is right.  Besides it costed me more to put all of the weight on,  the difference is I wasn’t spending it all in one place lol.  I look forward to my ass being challenged or trainer fun whichever wording you want to use. When I was up in Manahawkin buy the session ran into Christine we were talking and I mentioned that Ann was opening up my hip with the reformer and her response was ouch I said yes but it needs to be done and she said yes it does, she seemed quite happy that Ann is going to get the pleasure of doing that wonderful task.  That task won’t be easy and sure as hell won’t be painless I sent Ann a text letting her know i’m her’s for several more months with a smile via txt responded with I will make it worth your wild. I told her not to get offended by me shooting her looks.  Until the other day I don’t think I really ever “gave her looks,” and I am very honest whether it’s verbal or with looks when I prefer not to do something or I am doing something I don’t like and opening this hip flexor is not on my top 100 list lol, actually to be honest i’m pretty sure I might enjoy a route canal more but it has to be done and the longer I wait the harder it will be.   They need to make a device that put u to sleep for and just stretch you.  When you wake up your all good and paid free, wishful thinking on my part.  Over the next few months my new best friends are going to be ICE and IBUPROFEN.

Behavior Mod Class

Went to tonight’s class, I always pick up something new to try or learn something new from everyone.  Bianca had some very useful information regarding labeling that she shared with us as well as spoke about ingredients.  She also spoke about diet vs meal planning, she said some things that were very true in my experience that diets tend to fail but meal plans is a life style change and long lasting.   If you think about it how often people say i’m going to go on a diet and never really do it, or start it fail within a few short weeks?  With meal planning variety and flavor is built into them so it doesn’t seem like a choir there is also a structured process so your not just playing guess work.  Yes there is some guess work involved because everyone’s bodies respond to change differently but the system is there.   The other thing that Bianca was talking about was calories what calories actually mean and I think she described it very well when she spoke about it in the manner of energy especially when comparing it to working out.   Certain things that some people have been telling me started to click (in a good way) and it explained some unanswered questions in my head.