2/1/17 Day 23 weightloss challenge / not ending so good

Morning was ok,  started off with spin to take my mind off things.  I should have been somewhere else but it was delayed.  Christine txted me early in the morning because she is sick and if she is sick must be bad.  She got Eric to cover our session.

Had good session with Eric arms and shoulders were sore.  The workout was different then what I am used to and put a nice change to confuse body.

Had quick lunch

Headed back down to galloway for reformer.  Before we did reformer did a litte work on my squats Ann said they are starting to improve.  One thing she noticed is I need to work on my back strength and other excercises to open up my chest that im rounded in front at shoulders. She also showed me some stretches can do on ball to open chest up.   Had a good session was still little sore from monday.  I also sent dana a txt.

Did urban kick afterwards, I luv urban kick best cardio workout.  Great dj and always a great stress reliever.

Blog status – COMPLETE


After urban kick did spin, about 1/2way through spin i happened to notice got email.  It was a very unpleasant email.  The temptation to want to drink and eat was so there.  People say timing is everything guess it was good thing was already at gym.

Went home afterwards had dinner and went to bed.  I just cant wait for this stress to be over with. 😢