2/2/17 weight loss challenge

Blog status for today complete

Well woke up at 4am, couldnt get my head out of this funk.  Hoping working out today will help.

Got up for mashup with Ann, just not really in the mood to workout but if I dont might have temptations.  Just one of those days, I worked hard well at least made effort to.  My knees started bothering me during mashup did a lot of jumping.

After we finished mashup instead of pilates Ann was auditioning an instructor for yoga.  It as ok its a lot on my knee I just dont think i’m ever doing it right and well I just can’t relaxe.  The instructor explained everything very thorough was easy to follow my head just isnt playing with A game.

Blood test results

I got my blood test results back looked good to start cholesterol and other important values were cut in 1/2 (good thing.)  Other numbers were elevated I called the dr to find out what the high numbers mean.  The dr hasnt had a chance to read the test results yet.

Weightloss Challenge

We did our weightloss group it was ok little sore as my knees were already sore from the AM i got through it. We got our shirts for the weightloss challenge.  Looking forward to lunch.

I need to make changes in my life getting frustrated with certain things.  One day things will change hopefully.  Hopefully i can get out of this funk soon.   I dont like being miserable.

Going to laydown maybe will feel better when I wake up its 3pm now.

Trying New Things

Thinking about trying fitness yoga at 6am. Maybe its time to try more new things not to mention have had nunerous group ex instructors and most of my trainers have suggested trying a form of yoga. Guess they all cant be wrong and I should give it more of a chance.


People know how to push buttons, all I can say is if it wasnt for the 5 women that I fear that would kick my ass if i drank or ate wrong i’d be in trouble.   I will not give into the stress, I have to remember that is how I ended the way I was and this the new and improved me that has changed.