2/3/17 Day 25 weightloss challenge

Blog status complete

Fitness Yoga

Got up for fitness yoga w/jason in galloway.  It wasnt bad easy to follow understood the moves.  There wasnt any moves I couldnt do it was small class which was nice.  It was nice at the end asked me if I had any questions about the moves or class.

Headed back home for breakfast 4 eggs, and steel cut oats.

Headed back down south

Fit Blast

Had great day in fit blast,got a great workout. Started off frustrated because of crap on my mind but shortly after went away.  Did a lot of pushups worked hard, accidently said what I was thinking out loud oops lol. After we got done out screw up push-ups Ann said lets do 55 pushups and without thinking I said why.    Was happy didnt get any added on.

Reformer Group

This was the first time I did reformer small group.  I really enjoyed it I think I did pretty well.  It’s nice that I can now start to feel the changes from the reformer and see a difference.

The scale

Well the weight loss has been slowing down, down to where it is dropping like .2 lbs a day just hope it adds up by tuesday little nervous.  I really want to win this, but even if i dont win I have made so many positive changes in my life.

Workout with Dana,

Well unfortunately it had to get canceled Dana was sick so lifting didnt happen this week. But very happy that Christine had availability and recovered from being sick so we did a session.

We did some boxing and worked on opening up my chest and strengthening my back to try to start to correct my rounded shoulders with weights.  It was a great workout.

The moment when you realize you maybe addicted to working out when the maintenance guy from the gym says you come up here too lol.