2/8/17 day 30 of weightloss challenge

Blog status – complete


Well woke up feeling like crap.  I have the whole allergy/cold/ everying been going around gym disease crap.


Well wasnt feeling the greastest didnt have my best workout because of feeling like crap but got through it.  One of the nice things was on my way up to class had a woman I had no idea who she was came up to me and said you are doing so well congrads on ur progress, it was a really nice and motivating thing that she said.  Good thing having fire and blow torches are a fire hazard or Ann might actually put fire under some peoples ass’ during classes.

Workout with Christine,

Had a 1hr sessipn with Christine, we went outside for 1st 1/2 used the big tires doing stepup with weight, swinging the mallet on both sides against tires, did boxing as well.  For the 2nd 1/2 we went inside did some bag work, then it was pullups on the bar.  Did 3 un assisted to start then did some assisted with bands. We went to hanging using body weight and supporting myself.   Did several sets i used to only be able to do pull-ups assisted so I am building strength in the arms and shoulders.

Reformer time

Had session with Ann on reformer had good workout of course she couldnt be left out and not doing excercises for the arms and shoulders.  Felt nice and stretched afterwards.

Urban kick

Nicole and Alexis were supposed to join me, got txt early in am from alexis that she couldnt make it.  About hr before hand heard from nicole she was having a rough day.  Some issues with her cruise and some stress gave her a call and she vented out her frustrations.  Urban kick was good towards the end arms and shoulders were on fire of course we did burpees.  By the ed of urban kick did squats instead of burpees because of soreness.

Headed back up for pedal fusion.  (Spin) starting to get worn down and feeling it.  Tried my best but skipping out on abs tonight too sore tired and need to rest because we hace weightloss challenge group tomorrow.

Around 7pm looked at my phone and thought wow looks like Ann thought I was in abs because no message of why werent u in class.  Oops well that last too long around 9 got a text “You skipped on pm abs 😆” crap been busted.  Just when I thought i was semi safe.  With the words someone needs more pushups tomorrow.  One of the essential tools to work with a trainers lots and lots of

I need the supersize bottle lately with a certain someone 🤔🤔🤔

While talking to Ann was think back before the weightloss challenge.  I thought my weightloss was done because scale was stuck and well someone made some changes for me and numbers and sizes continued to go down.  😆