2/12/17 day 34 of weightloss challenge/ new row record

Blog status – completed

Got up early have to teach the police dept today.  Going to the gym before class maybe doing some rowing to see of my time will improve.


4 eggs and bowl oats

Rowing time

Well I beat my record again 😊 My lungs officially hurt.  Did 2000 meters in 7min 28.9seconds 6 seconds faster then my previous personal best

2/12/17 2000 meter rowing.

Well after finished rowing felt great that I had a new personal best took a shower then realized that I love the gym so much I remembered the gym sneakers but then realize I will be teaching a class in uniform with my gym sneakers on because left the boots at home. Oops guess I know where my priorities are lol.


Went over to the dubliner for lunch had spring mix salad and added blackened chicken to it.

Overall this is an easy day as I am teaching so I get a lot of walking while teaching but don’t work out as hard.  Might go back to the gym later do more of a workout.

Food on my mind

One of my short goals is going to be to figure out how I can still eat healthy but add some variety to my food.   So far it has been good but eventually I am going to want to be able to eat more then salad, chicken, fish and eggs.

Food Shopping

Holy crap talk about awkward.  Stores need to have maps when you walk in.  Great Adventure has maps when u walk in and omg talk about an adventure food shopping was.  I learned a whole lot today.  I assumed and we all know what assuming does but when I was looking for peanutbutter Lisa mentioned she would grab me the right one because I thought jif was the right peanutbutter learned I made mistake there.  Lisa got me organic natural peanut butter so I assumed that organic meant healthy.  I see all if this stuff in bj’s that says organic I’m thinking this all cant be good.  So I txted Bianca and Ann so make sure before I bought all the stuff that looked to good to be healthy.

Bianca replied rather quickly with Organic only means it has either no pesticides or a safe level of pesticides. It’s usually a less processed product or from an animal that’s not given antibiotics or any growth hormone. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a smart nutritional choice for example donuts can be made from organic ingredients and that doesn’t mean you should eat them.

After I got Bianca’s reply Ann replied with Lol no they make organic cookies 😂.  She  is right and I thought they looked to good to be healthy.  So stuff went back on the shelf.

For the record bj’s doesnt follow the healthy stuff on the outside.  The 100 calories almonds were in the candy isle.  I need to pre-plan my shopping little better stuck with the basics natural oatmeal, healthy organic peanutbutter and 100 calorie almonds.   Nicole got some laughs via txt when I was mentioning how frustrating food shopping is.