2/13/17 day 35 of weightloss challenge

Blog status completed

Had good night sleep felt nice and refreshed.  Ate great breakfast all recovered from grocery shopping feeew.

Heading to the gym for bodybump, urban kick, and 1hr session of reformer as well as coming back later for fitblast.  As you can tell it’s Ann Monday I am guaranteed to be exausted and wiped out with lots of calorie burning today.

Got to the gym all set headed up to body pump when I got up there realized something wasnt right not many people and no equip out hmm. Looked at watch and realized I’m an hr and 15 min warly 🤔🤔.

Well I have 2 options

option 1 sit in lounge and relaxe before hell day body votes yes for that 1.

Option2 get my ass on a piece of equipment because if ann see’s me not doing anything or sitting she will give me something to do.  So i’m doing the right thing and getting on cardio equipment.


Was great workout got little sore towards end but made it through.  My squats I think are starting to improve at least it feels that way.

Urban kick

3 words it kicked my ass.  There is one fact yes I may have beat Ann’s time on rower by 17 seconds but knowbody can out do her in Urban Kick as she is the Urban Kick Goddess.  Tbat women eats sleeps and breaths urban kick.

Quick shower then reformer


It was time to open up the hips again. 😭 but it needed to be done.  I got through it I do notice change a day or 2 after pain.  It is totally worth all this hardwork.

Fit blast

Fit blast was great couldnt stay for whole thing because I have to teach.  Have to be able to pay for everything some how.  I did 30 min and xtra set of burpees before I was a loud to leave.  As much as I bitch about doing them so glad that I can do them.

On my way out Ann said she wants 6lbs out of me dor tomorrow.  I dunno about that much


Tomorrow is weigh in day should be good still loosing.