2/17/17 Day 39 of Weight loss Challenge

Blog status : in progress

Woke up exhausted was supposed to go to fitnesw yoga but the brain and body said sleep is more important.

Ate good breakfast, eggs and oats

Today I worked for state forest fire service. Got a great workout in did many miles on foot doing prescribed or control burning of a large wooded section of Stafford Twp.  I have to work on figuring how to eat healthy while working out in the woods.  I had my peanut butter and almonds but didn’t have enough time to make and pack a full lunch.   I had showed few people old and new pics they were quite amazed.  Today really proved to be good day because a year ago doing the work that I did today made me extremely winded.  This time it felt amazing had good pace got some resistance training in while working because had to walk through heavy brush and knock down with legs while lighting fires jumping in and out back of truck knees held up well.

After working all day I started to feel weird not going to the gym so I headed down to the gym and took Erin’s class so I could get a 30min workout in,

Ate good dinner Salmon, salad, small baked potato.

Got a txt from Ann showing the starting weight loss picture from the challenge, we were really both amazed at how everyone is doing.  She said your doing the work but as I told her the team is only as good as the coach.  I really am glad that I decided to do the weight loss challenge I had some moments of doubt and thinking did I really want to do this.  Now I am so glad that I am doing it.   The key will be to being able to maintain after this challenge is over.