2/18/17 Day 40 of Weight loss Challenge

Blog status: Complete

Had a good morning went to spin with Ann burned 850 calories

Had a nice discussion with Kristy the ops manager from galloway on the difference in atmospheres at the different gyms.

Had good breakfast afterwards, 4 scrambled eggs and oats.

Today is one of my easier relaxe days going to be going back to the gym to do some rowing on machine and see what else peaks my interest while I am there tomorrow will be a great day Ann is sub for Christine in Manahawkin and doing Urban Kick.  No official day off this week and that is perfectly ok I’m on the home stretch and on a mission.

When I got some work done to my truck today the mechanic asked where I went because I look like a totally different person and it great.  I told him the amount of weight and sizes that I lost and the first question he asked was it natural or surgery.  I was very happy to say 100% natural no surgery here nothing but hard work and dedication.

Went to the gym did the rowing machine for 2 minutes and just wasn’t feeling it, I hit the treadmill ran for 30min, then hit the elliptical for 10min.

Headed out to eat afterwards ate healthy.  Ran into a friend/fire chief who’s fiance came running up to me hugged me and said where did you go?  When is the rest of you arriving she was so shocked at how much weight I had lost.  That really was a great feeling made my night.