2/21/17 Day 43 of Weightloss Challenge

Well today I am back on track.  Have to wait to eat because it is weigh in day.  Not really looking forward to this one, my weekend got screwed up, had to not go to the gym yesterday, missed a training session with Ann.  Just not really the best weekend because of the craziness.

Got weighed in, I didn’t gain anything but only lost 2lbs not really the best thing.


Had spin class did great there burned 905 calories.  Felt great afterward to get back to the gym and back in the swing of things.

Weightloss Challenge

Ann did do measurements of us and I did loose inches throughout my entire body even though I felt my weigh in was not good.  I’m just frustrated over how change could affect things so much.   We started out after the measurement with Rowing, I think have become bored with it not really sure why but don’t seem to have the energy I used to have with rowing.  We also did  inchworm down to push-ups not really a fan of, leg presses, and carrying 30lbs bar over shoulders and walking up the steps.  We also did some upper body stuff just wasn’t really myself today.

Breakfast (noon)

Had 4 eggs, and 1/2 cup of oats felt great to eat.


Lunch (345pm)

Broiled chicken w/ rice


Dana Workout

Dana was happy that we could do upper body because my shoulders weren’t sore today.  We went up to 170lbs on benchpress. did quite a bit.  She changed the way we are lifting instead of high reps and high weight.  We went to low reps and high weight, I was able to do more that way and not kill my shoulders.   We did numorus other things but that was my highlight with Dana.  Also at the end she had me do a plank on fore arms was going to have me do 3 sets of 30seconds instead i just did 90 seconds straight through with proper form.  I felt good after that.

On my way to Manahwkin before I had my workout with Dana, got a txt message from someone saying they are going to galloway and asked me my onion of the body shred and body pump and asked if I wanted to join her.  Initially the plan was to go home after Dana. I decided to join her need to makeup for what I missed yesterday.  I did both Body Shred (Erin) and BodyPump (Amaris.)  Actually had intentions on doing the body by kevin small group but knowbody ever showed up so I just left at 715pm guess it was canceled.


This is where more frustration happened reheated my dinner broiled chicken and rice.  Got told I am eating too much 🙁 and that I should be eating other things besides fish and chicken.  Everyone in the house had what smelled to be pancakes or something like that.  I am trying to stay eating healthy I guess they just won’t ever understand :(.  To not cause an argument I decided it was best that I just stay in my room for the night and be alone.