2/22/17 Day 44 of Weightloss Challenge

Blog Status : Complete

Woke up early this morning headed down for Body Shred.  Going to eat after this workout hoping this won’t backfire today.


It was an ok workout, this was a new instructor for me to take a class with.  I definitely enjoy classes with really high energy instructors didn’t feel the energy.  Only burned 207 calories in the workout.


Had my usual 4 eggs and oats

Plan for today

Heading back down for Pedal Fusion w/ Ann (spin/abs) then I have a pt session with christine.  Small have a break between then headed back down for pt session on reformer, Urban Kick, Pedal Fusion, It will be a calorie burning day.

Pedal Fusion

Burned almost 700 Calories in Pedal fusion today felt great so far before noon I am at about 2100 calories burned.   The abs is good not my favorite but I know doing the abs is working and helping.

Mid morning snack

Organic peanut butter 1 tbsp and 5 fresh strawberry’s.

Pt w/Christine 

Did some bag work, then off to the outside. Sledge hammer, sprints, ups and downs on tires, running around bldg, more bag work.  Burned 600 + calories.

Lunch break

Salmon, baked potato, vegetables, small salad dry.

Pt session with ann

Reformer with ann got nice and stretched out felt great.

Urban kick

Great class when we started on some of the more challenging combod my brain said yeah right.  Made good effort but was long day and I can feel the tiredness starting but need to press on have a competition to win.

Small snack

In between urban kick and pedal fusion had 2 tbsp of organic peanut butter 190 calories to get me through the next workout.

Pedal fusion round 2

To start felt good but as the workout progressed the body said feed me and you worked me hard today.  Put effort but was feeling wiped out.  Abs yeah well I did them they were screaming 4 ab workouts one day yeah they love me.

Spent right around 6.5 hrs at the gym not straight but from 6am till 630pm.


Broiled chicken 5oz flavored w/salsa and rice.

Plan for tomorrow

Boxing with cory at 6am

Mash up – ann

Pilates – ann

Weightloss challenge – ann