2/23/17 Day 45 of Weightloss Challenge

Well my attempt to go to Cory’s class wasn’t very successful, I set the alarm for 430 it went off and said to myself sleep is going to overrule this one.  Went back to bed for more sleep.

Woke up at 7am well rested ate my normal morning breakfast eggs and oats.

The lineup for today

Mashup,Pilates,Weightloss Challenge Group (all with Ann) Urban Kick with Kathleen thinking maybe taking body by kevin depending on how much energy I have.


Great class, I’m always exausted after the class gets my entire body tired especially the shoulders, and legs.  It’s a nice overall full body workout.


Pilates is nice stretch and relaxe class most days.  Today to be direct my ass hurts feels like I have a stick up my ass not really sure why.  I have a phone call to see if Dr. J can figure out what I did and or preferable to fix it.  The more I site the more it hurts and with pilates lots of ass sitting because of situps and legs.  This workout gets your entire core engaged.

Phone Call from Dr J’s Office

Good news after Ann kicks the crap out of me in the Weightloss Challenge group today Dr J. can fix me.  He has time around 1245 to see what’s up and do his thing to make me feel good.

Weight Loss Challenge Group

It’s a nice day out so the Warrior Princess is taking us outside.  I enjoy outdoor workouts wonder what she has in store for us, well lots of running squats lunges and more.  She took some video and pictures as well.  I prefer my version of the plank “the bottom one, but we all know that won’t get me to win the weight loss challenge.  So I did the Warrior Princess’ version first then I did mine. Besides I also have a tough mudder I’m aiming for so kill 2 birds with one stone.  Tried to convince Ann to do with me,  lets just say she was brutally honest and can’t post that comment lol.  The princess side of her over ruled warrior side.

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather 💪🌞👊🏼

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Dr J appointment

Well told him how I was feeling that I have a stick up my ass. He asked what changed so told him about the back extensions that I did with Dana this week and that I am full throttle mode since only 2 weeks left in the competition.  He said the back extensions with roman chair could have done it,  I told him I really feel it when I do situps and of course he said you know situps aren’t the best thing to do doing.  I told him you tell the boss that, he laughed.  He made some adjustments and put my s-1 back in place.  He was slightly concerned that there was some changes in my t-band he said lets see how you do this week if it acts up to come back next week if not 2 weeks.  He also wants me to ask Dana instead of doing back extensions on roman chair use machine and see how that feels.  I may not be ready for body weight on the roman chair.


Had late lunch because of Dr J. appt. but had peanut butter right after weight loss challenge.  when I had lunch salmon, baked potato, vegable and small salad.

Urban Kick

Headed back to the gym at 545 for urban kick with Kathleen.  My favorite type of workout actually the warrior princess convinced me to take the instructor class.  The class had a very good number in it.  I had a lot of fun  guess who managed to show her face.  I never know when she will be poking around no hiding from Ann after all if she see anyone slacking off the famous quote of “I see you comes out.”  Burned around 750 calories in Kat’s class lots of hit drills today.

Body by kevin

Well i’m feeling like I still have energy time for some peanut butter then going to take Body by kevin (small group) the class is being filled in by Chris.  It was a good workout in the beginning he asked if I was one of Kevin’s regulars I said no my first time in this class.   He said oh is this your first class ever I told him I take all of Ann’s classes he said oh wow she works you hard.  We did running and some circuit workouts little different format then I’m used to.  Got a workout burned about 445 calories in hour.  Some of the excercises Chris made little more friendly to new people so I upped the weights on the ball slams and made some modification to other excercises because if Ann happened to still be around and she saw me ball slamming 15lbs I probably would be doing lots of burpess  or pushups for not putting a full effort into the class.   In all fairness the other 2 ladies that were in the class appeared to be fairly new to the gym.  Overall got a nice workout and burned more calories and had fun which is what I enjoy the most.

Dinner Time

Broiled chicken and rice flavored with salsa.

I am going to rest for the evening get some paperwork done and register for the Urban Kick instructor course.  I get a few hours rest before tomorrow.


Tomorrow Line-up

6am Spin – Lisa in Manahawkin (she wants me to try)

0830 Body Shred- Galloway

0900 Fit Blast – Ann

(maybe) 10am full body burn – Franklin

1hrs break/shower

1200 Reformer – Ann

5pm zumba w/erin

530 Ann for 30 min of the crap I suck at

6pm body shred w/Erin