2/24/17 Day 46 of Weightloss Challenge/ 9 classes 1 day

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Pedal Fusion- Manahawkin

Woke up nice and early to go to Lisa’s spin class in Manahawkin.  I wasnt sure if it fills or not so i made reservation for the 6am class.  There was about a dozen people in the class had a good workout.  I more prefer the surprise type workouts, what I mean is she used tabata style with timer.  I prefer when I can’t really time it and not really sure what will coming next,i’m sure part of it also I am partial to Ann.   It wasn’t a full hour of spin it was like pedal fusion 30min of spin/30abs.  the abs portion kicked the crap out me as usual abs/core is my weakest part of the body.  Being so early in am the I wasn’t fully awake either so at one point during the abs we were doing planks and Lisa came down to me and said get those hips where they belong don’t make me call Ann.  I burned about 625 total for both classes. Some of people in Manahawkin havent seen me in a few months and were quite amazed at how much I have changed.😆

Time for quick breakfast my usual 4 eggs and oats. Then off to Body Shred down in galloway.  Not going to bother showering again because I am doing like 3 back to back classes in galloway.  I’ll shower after my 11am class before reformer w/Ann.

Body Shred

Great workout, I really enjoys Mike’s shred class he is very easy to follow and is high energy.  The other instructor are good also but one thing mike does is after it beeps he counts 3-2-1 and just before that he starts to demo the next move.  Shred is only 30min and quick changes it makes the changes easier understand.


Fit Blast

She kicked our ass today, lots of running lots of rotations felt good.  Surprised im doing so well since im on my 3rd class.  Ann took some video of us.


Full Body Burn

Had to eat some peanutbutter before starting been burning so much today need to refuel.  Didna nice warmup circuit work.  I made some modifications to make the excercises harder.  Overall it was nice workout.  Burned about 375 calories.  Left about 15 min early so I could get a full shower before an hour with Ann on the reformer it would give me a full 30 min to rest between after my shower. So far since this morning I have burned 3,475 calories and its not even noon yet 😆

Reformer/ 30 min Train Session Ann

Did the reformer for little over hr.  Felt nice and stretched things are moving better.  One of the things we worked on was dead lift position and squats.  The squats are improving the dead lift position not so much.  Trying to get my pelvis to move doesnt seem to be working yet.  My body seems to think that my hips arent hinged and just move as one unit. Ann suggested talking to Dr. J about pelvis to see if there is a reason my pelvis doesnt want/like to move. So after our session sent Dr J. an email and added Ann to it so maybe if needed she can explain little more in detail.

I went home after had a nice lunch, salmon, baked potato, salad and large amount of green beans.   Took a nice long nap and died after my long morning.


Well woke up late so ended up at zumba 30min late.  Got to zumba, I have to say it was a very good class.  I hate to admit this but I never actually ever learned how to dance 😢.  I initially was a little intimated because zumba was basically fast latib dance moves.  So i figured i’d give it a shot wasnt bad will do it again.  I got a good laugh when after I hot done body shred Erin said you must really want to win if you were in my zumba class. I laughed it really was a good class she is amazing at it.  One day I will actually learn how to dance it is on my punch list.

Body Shred

Last class of the day, was very good burned about 350 calories.  I enjoy body shred your probably thinking why would he take the same class twice in the same day.  They maybe both the same title but 2 different instructors and 2 different formats of the way it is taught.  That is one of nice things about classes you really cant get bored because each instructor brings personality and their own personal touches to whatever they teach.  Thel always have high and low mods to either accommodate people that may not be abke to everything and others that really enjoy being challenged.

Finally done for the day

After a long hard day my gym time has actually come to an end for the day. Long ass day but well worth it.

New record, 9 classes one day total of 5,850 calories burned.