2/25/17 Day 47 of Weightloss Challenge

Woke up at 4am to make reservation for spin.  Went back to bed and woke up at 7am.  Going to do a fasting workout hopefully this time it doesnt backfire.

Pedal fusion

Had great workout, burned 755 calories in spin always great music as well as a nice challenging workout.  One thing I have noticed by taking other classes i dont always seem to hit the potential I do with Ann.  The other classes I get a workout but I seem to burn almost double calories during Ann’s classes and the other seem less challenging.

Headed to Manahawkin


Did small group with christine in Manahawkin need to burn some calories but arms were little sore for body pump so north I went.  Had good workout there was 6 of us in class.  Eric commented and said your not breaking a sweat whats up with that. I burned in the hour class 480 calories.

Had a nice healthy breakfast

Had to get some actual  work done today.  I had to plan my week of hell.  The contest final weigh in is friday so I will be at the gym taking as many classes and doing sessions to burn those calories before fri.

My monday should be interesting having megan and Ann back to back.  Megan does a boot camp workout.  I have planned so far 7 classes/small groups and a 1hr training session.  Two of the classes are before the sun comes in manahawkin.  The rest are in galloway, good think I recently renewed Ann’s first aid and cpr so I known i’m in good hands lol 😅.  In all seriousness yes I am working very hard this week but would never jeopardize getting hurt or causing harm to my body. I will challenge the hell out of it.

Today will be probably be my easiest day all week.  😆 I have a goal and focused I have to be.

Time for bed as I have 3 back to back classes in the am.  Its burn time.