2/27/17 Day 49 of Weightloss Challenge

Blog Status: In-Progress

Well I must be hooked, I used to bitch about waking up at 530 for a 6am class and now I am waking up at 435 for a 5am class wtf am I thinking?  Well I got up surprisingly I was given a 2nd job besides taking the class this morning.  Ann wants me to work some magic and talk to diedre to find out if she is taking the Urban Kick instructor and to work some magic to get her to take it so katie isn’t only instructor.  I am doing a fasting workout seems to be working so far.

Boot Camp – Diedre (manahawkin)

Well this would have been my first class with diedre, but there is a Sub her name is Sam.  She is also a police officer, got a hell of a workout.  Hoping that Ann reads this tonight after I get my ass kicked today lol.  But her workout style has strong similarities to Ann’s Small group got my ass kicked.   I burned 573 calories lots os sweat on the floor, she had 9 circuit stations setup each station was a minute long of intense work then we did 1 minute plank followed by 2 minutes of a cardio excercise she choose ranging from burpees, jacks, and a wider variety of others, then right to the next station.

Spin –  Lisa (manahawkin)

Lisa was supposed to teach but Sam was subbing this class as well got a nice hard ride in spin class burned 692 calories, I liked Sam’s spin class it was not a pre-programmed tabata style quads burned did combination of position in saddle and position 2 and 3 and mixed it up nice steep climbs with speed cadences mixed in.  Had a lot of fun she had told me that she will be subbing Lisa all week.  She overheard someone come up to and say omg i didn’t recognize you the other day when you took spin you look amazing and when the person asked me how much I lost and told her Sam was like that is amazing.  Really felt good, had nice discussion with her after class and she asked if i had a comparison showed her.  She mentioned that believe it or not she used to be heavy I had told her I do because I have heard so many trainer stories of how they used to be and how they have changed their life style. It really is amazing the amount of people that have changed their life.


4 egg and oats

Full Body Burn- Franklin 

skipping franklin’s small group this morning I will make up for it by the like 8 other workouts for the day.


Body Pump- Ann

Well little sore from Sam so we will see how this goes.  Usually Ann gets to break my shoulders I think Sam beat her to it.  Well they were sore and I got a few “i see u”.  She said light weight for one of excercises and I wwnt light, shorlty after got to hear some of you took me too literally 😇😇.  Yep I went light but i’m sure she will make up for it. Warrior Princess has two more shots at me before tbe day is out. Especially since fit blast is last and she is very good friends with megan.


Urban Kick- Ann

Had a kick ass class.  Burned 780 calories with being slightly tired from my morning.  Someone supposedly accodently set the beat for 153 instead of 150🤔🤔🤔

Just happens to be final week of weight loss challenge and someone “accidently slipped”  I think it was strategy since two out of three of us were in the class.


30 Min Reformer – Ann

Had a great session, remember those clam shells this was the picture from few weeks ago.

When a trainers says time to change things up. (Clam shells) few weeks ago


Well had wider movement very minimal pain/discomfort.  I was quite shocked at what a few weeks can do.  Instead grinding teeth actually could have a conversation while doing them.  😆

Before lunch I burned 4200 calories and 13,000 steps.



Had 5 oz broiled chicken, 1 cup rice and one 100 calorie pack almonds


Nap Time

Yeah never happened


Had 4 scrambled eggs, I have 2 intense workouts coming out with women who eat bullshit for breakfast 😊😂

Boot Camp – Megan (we will see if I have to change her nick name from Magic Megan to Major Megan)

Ok major Megan it is and have a theme song/ring tone for her now.

Her workout was great and very challenging.  Majority of the workouts I have done when I do one for the first time it kicks the crap out of me and this one for surely did.  It was a kettle bell workout made of squats, dead-lifts, bur pees dumbell press and of courses running.   Those that have been following know how much I luve dead-lifts and squats haha almost as much as a route canal.   She said nothing that surprised me that I need to work on my dead-lifts and squats.  One of my issues has been my hips don’t want to bend (it’s a pain in the ass.) Good thing is I didn’t die during her class which is always a plus.  Burned 720 calories during this workout.


Fit Blast- Ann

Well Ann was very nice to me knowing that I have busted my ass all day today.  At this point I am officially wiped but have to get through this last class then bed and batch here I come.  Had a really good workout it was tiring and exhausting as this was my 8th workout of the day. Kathleen took Ann’s class and I got a little brave about 1/2 way through Ann was breaking someone else’s balls about the rowing machine and Kathleen was on it.  I made the comment that rowing like that she can beat Ann’s time.  Kathleen thought I was shit talking especially when I told her I beat Ann’s time and there is pictures and vidoe of it.  Kat to make it a little easier to find on the website I’ll post here for you and will deal with the future punishment from the “Warrior Princess.”


This was right  after doing mashup and Pilates right before (race day first time beating her)

totals for today

I burned a total of 524 during fit blast

Total burned calories for the day 6,173,

Total steps for the day 24,000


My Rant on Subs

Lisa (manahawkin) btw there is so many Lisa’s that work for this company that is why I put which gym they work at easier.   Anyway Lisa and I were talking the other day about subs and how people are so picky on who teaches there classes.  Yes people get used to a certain teaching style and the way they do it but we have to remember as hard as it is believe at times trainers and group ex instructors are human and have lives outside of the gym and omg they actually get sick.  I have taken many people classes almost everyone is Manahawkin I have at least tried there class twice why twice because it’s only fair to the class and the instructor to try it twice.  First time you take a class it takes some adjustments to getting to know how to instructor teaches if and what cues to look for when changing movments and its only fair to do twice.  Are there times where well the sub is not the best I wouldn’t disagree.  But what is the alternative, you can go home and do nothing or you take the class and burn some calories is it always going to be the exact same no but your body could use some confusion as well. I mean for example I take Urban Kick 3 times a week twice with Ann and once with Kat.  Same class but different moves and each has their own personality same goes for Shred I take with Mike P. and Erin same class two different instructors I get something out of every class I take.  You only get when you put into a class as most instructors say during their classes it’s your workout.  Make it the best it can be, also you know how you help an instructor especially if it is a sub talk to them professionally at the end give them 3 things you loved about the class and 3 things you might want to see different instructors can only improve based on feedback if know body tells them they are going to think it’s a wonderful class, not showing up doesn’t do shit for anyone.


Plan for tomorrow to be decided later on tonight I’m exhausted tomorrow is weigh in day only one more left after tomorrow.