3/1/17 Day 51 of Weightloss Challenge

Blog status : complete 

Well the plan was to go to 2 early am classes manahawkin.  I have a very stressful am ahead of me decided to sleep in.

Well the morning meeting went to shit.  Its amazing how people in government can “make mistakes and other have to supper and its ok” but when other people make mistakes they slam them against the wall and think its a joke to play with peoples lives.

Went to manahawkin and beat the fuck out of a punching bag.  Felt bad because I brushed Lisa off when she came up to me.  😕 totally not me.  I later appolgized to her and she said never to appolgize for that ahe was just worried and was trying to fjnd christine because she knew something was up because of how aggressive I was at the bags.

Workout with christine

Primarily was boxing to get my aggression out from this am. I filled her in on what Dr J said about my hips she could actually see it when she had me do a few different moves that we had to modify.  Told her what Ann and Indiscuused regarding lowering the classes and adding more reformer both pt and small group to stretch me all out and hopefully break this shit free.  Christine agreed that it sounds like the best way.

Had lunch 


Baked chicken and rice mixed with salsa.


Had 4 eggs and oatmeal before my night stretch

Pt session Ann/Reformer

Had session with Ann on reformer felt nice and stretched afterwards. When I am stretching on reformer trying to stretch as far as I can.  Looking forward to Magic Megan on Friday.

Urban Kick

Did urban kick my head isnt all there today because of the morning stress. Burned about 500 on 45min which is a littke kow for me and its because my head just isnt in the game. 😕

Pedal fusion

Had a sub (joelle) was really good she did some things i have never done before hover with hand behind back.  Was a nice different style workout.  I didnt stay for abs needed to shower before erin small reformer group as an opening happened. Burned about 350 in 30min.

Reformer group erin

Did some more stretching, witg erin’s reformer group.  The funny thing couple of people taking class asked if it was my first refromer class i said no I have done reformer with Ann often for pt session and one of groups.  They said this will be easy for you that Erin is complete opposite.  Either way its a stretch class that will still get me moving.  It was a good class not as challenging when I work with Ann but got stretching done.


Ann and I had a txt conversation and brought back some memories of my weight loss begining of larry was wrong and trainers were right and how stubborn I was as to not change and now im very open minded to change and suggestions.

Tomorrow agenda

530 – 7am manahawkin w/ diedra combination of 3 classses

830 galloway spin

0915 mashup ann

1015 pilates ann

1100 weightloss challenge

430 body pump

545 urban kick w/abs kat

7pm body by kevin