3/2/17 Day 52 of Weightloss Challenge/ last workout day before final weigh in.

Got up early 445 was at manahawkin gym by 520.  Diedra is doing a 90min special.


90 min diedra special

Had good workout, burned 702 calories did cardio weights burpees and many other things. At the end Diedra said it looked like I was having a better day she said everyone was lil concerned and they couldnt find christine they werent used to seeing me put the heavy bag into the wall.  I was just glad I took out the anger on the bag instead of buffet.

Breakfast 4 eggs, oats

Spin – galloway

Had a good spin class w/anetta this was my first class with her.  Burned 440 calories in 40min.  My quads were burning.


Got my ass kicked as usual.  One thing I have realized is I am now so used to Ann’s 150+ beat I tend to do it in other similar classes.  The other morning Lisa from Manahawkin kept telling me to slow down when doing a similar type class.  Guess I have the curse of Ann lol. Burned 562 calories.  I set up Ann’s step and oops put it on 3rd leve 😇.


Pilates was good lil sore because of my his being turned every way but right.  They will eventually evel out with lots of stretching/ magic megan/and Ann.

Quick shower 2tbsp organic pb

Weightloss challenge

Got our ass kicked lots of high elevation treadmill, then pulled one by one by the boss did circuit then back to treadmill we did twice. Had final pep talk and final picture.  Part of me is going to miss the extra workouts and team fun.  As hard as some of it was Ann got results out of us.  I personally got results I never thought I would have gotten.  Like I said in begining I was lil hesitant in begining but so worth it.

Body pump

Great class by amaris I am noticing I can do heavier weight with body pump and gettin gn more out of it.  Burned 342 calories

Urban kick – kat

Always kick ass class, initially was lil confusing havent done jackie chang in a while.

Body by kevin

Sun by Daniel it was an ok class didnt really get heart rate up.  Burned 175calories in 1hr. I have noticed in galloway so far Ann and Megan get my cardio up during class everyone else they are ok in their classes i burn 500 – 800 in hr.  Guess i am spoiled and really enjoy hard intense workouts.


Salad with port mushrooms and rice.


Total calories burned for day 5,810

Did 5,000 steps before 8am

Did 15,000 steps before noon

Total steps 28,000 steps