3/4/17 my body is in autopilot

Blog status : complete

Well the intention was to sleep in till 730 because of taking my ceus for emt. My body thinks its a typical Saturday and wokeup at 4am for my spin reservation. My abs are very sore today it started last night.  I think they werent used to not planking or doing some type of ab excercise few times a day and it wasnt sunday my normal rest day, Friday have typically been one of my busy days at the gym.


Plan for today

Back on meal plan

Emt ceu class till 2pm (race track cx due to cold)

Get some paperwork done

Allow my body to heal for another day


I did weigh myself this morning, even though I enjoyed eating yesterday.   According to the scale I gained 10.1 lbs looks like 1/2 of was muscle gain.  Im assuming the remaining was from shock by eating more food.








I am not overly worried.  I will be working hard this week.  Even thought the challenge is done with I still have goals and personal challenges to meet. Im pretty confident most of that weight  the body will process and fall off.  Yesterday in afternoon I had shrimp with spicy type sauce, in the evening I had a cream soup grilled chicken pannini w/sweet potato fries.  First time I ever had sweet potato fries really good. My digestive system had to actually do some work so it probably went into shock. Back on the meal plan today

Breakfast 4 eggs / oats


Emt ceus class

Canceled after i got there 😔

Well good thing I alwayw keep workout gear in the truck.  🤔🤔🤔 Wonder if there is room in body pump .  Well I am in luck spot number 24 at 9am.

Got to the gym and heard from a distance saying what because the challenge is over do you think you can sleep in?  Guess someone noticed I wasnt in spin class at 8am.  😲

Body Pump

It was great, magic megans fancy work made a difference in my left hip which is the loose/weak one.  The right hip didnt really notice a difference as of yet. When I was doing dead lifts and squats in pump could feel the difference.

Quote/statement of the day Ann asks the class what happens when you screw up the move just demonstrated.  Student response sit and watch lol Ann response I was thinking more like pushups.

Total calories for pump 353


High Risk Forest Fire Day

Well looks like work time, An Enhanced Risk of Wildfire Spread this Afternoon and Evening…

Relative humidity values are forecast to drop below 30 percent
this afternoon in much of our region. Northwest winds of 15 to 25
mph with gusts of 25 to 35 mph are expected. Fine fuels will
continue to dry. The combination of these conditions will create
an elevated risk for the spread of wildfires in much of eastern
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and northeastern Maryland
this afternoon and evening.


Chicken & rice w/salsa

Fitness Nutrition certification

Worked on my ace fitness nutrition certification course this afternoon.  Learned a lot of useful information and tips for food/preparation.  My head was spinning after all the math and calculations. 😨😩


Baked skinless chicken rice salsa


Evening snack

100 calorie pack almonds


Total calories burned for day –  2,802

Total steps for day – 4435